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PUBLIC LAW 99-000—MMMM. DD, 1986

PUBLIC LAW 99-498—OCT. 17, 1986

100 STAT. 1508

educational agencies, private educational institutions, and other interested parties. Such views— "(1) shall be solicited by means of (A) written comments; and (B) publication of proposed selection criteria and procedures in final form for implementation; and "(2) may be solicited by means of (A) public hearings on the teaching needs of elementary and secondary schools in the State (including the number of new teachers needed, the expected supply of new teachers, and the shortages in the State of teachers with training in specific academic disciplines, including early childhood education and development); or (B) such other methods as the State may determine to be appropriate to gather information on such needs. "AMOUNT AND DURATION OF AND RELATION TO OTHER ASSISTANCE

20 USC 1111c.


subsection (c), each Congressional Teacher Scholar shall receive a $5,000 scholarship for each academic year of postsecondary education for study in preparation to become a pre-school, elementary or secondary teacher. No individual shall receive scholarship assistance for more than 4 years of postsecondary education, as determined by the State agency. "(h) CONSIDERATION OF AWARD IN OTHER PROGRAMS.—Notwith-

standing the provisions of title IV of this Act, scholarship funds awarded pursuant to this part shall be considered in determining eligibility for student sissistance under title IV of this Act. "(c) ASSISTANCE NOT To EXCEED NEED.—Congressional Teacher

Scholarship assistance awarded by the statewide panel established pursuant to section 555 to any individual in any given year, when added to assistance received under title IV of this Act, shall not exceed the cost of attendance, as defined in section 472 of this Act, at the institution the individual is attending. If the amount of the Congressional Teacher Scholarship assistance and assistance received under title IV of this Act, exceeds the cost of attendance, the Congressional Teacher Scholarship shall be reduced by an amount equal to the amount by which the combined awards exceed the cost of attendance. |..,



individual shall receive an award under the Congressional Teacher Scholarship established under this subpart, in any academic year, which exceeds the cost of attendance, as defined in section 472 of this Act, at the institution the individual is attending. SELECTION OF CONGRESSIONAL TEACHER SCHOLARS

20 USC iiiid.


Teacher Scholars shall be selected by a seven-member statewide panel appointed by the chief State elected official, acting in consultation with the State educational agency, or by an existing grant agency or panel designated by the chief State elected official and approved by the Secretary of Education. The statewide panel shall be representative of school administrators, teachers, including preschool teachers, and parents. "(b) ELIGIBILITY FOR SELECTION; SELECTION CRITERIA AND PROCEDURES.—Selections of Congressional Toacher Scholars shall be made from students who have graduated oi who are graduating from high