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PUBLIC LAW 99-000—MMMM. DD, 1986

100 STAT. 3476

' '

' " • 42 USC 2981.


PUBLIC LAW 99-609—NOV. 6, 1986

administration of the Fund shall abate by reason of the enactment of this Act, except that the Board shall be substituted for the Secretary as a party to any such action or proceeding. (e) DEFINITIONS.—For purposes of this section— (1) BOARD.—The term "Board" means the National Credit Union Administration Board. (2) FUND.—The term "Fund" means the Community Development Credit Union Revolving Loan Fund established under title ^' VII of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 (as in effect before the date of the enactment of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1981). •s ^ (3) SECRETARY.—The term "Secretary" means the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Approved November 6, 1986.





LEGISLATIVE HISTORY—H.R. 5554: CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 132 (1986): Sept. 29, considered and passed House. Oct. 18, considered and passed Senate.

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