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PUBLIC LAW 99-000—MMMM. DD, 1986

100 STAT. 2976 ,,,

PUBLIC LAW 99-519—OCT. 22, 1986

building or air samples taken to detect asbestos in the . school building and a statement that each laboratory has ,,,^ been accredited pursuant to the accreditation program under section 206(d). r.; J /«;f: "(H) With respect to each consultant who contributed to


the management plan, the name of the consultant and one of the following statements: "(i) If the State has adopted a contractor accreditation plan under section 206(b), a statement that the consultant is accredited under such plan. "(ii) A statement that the contractor is accredited by another State which has adopted a contractor accreditation plan under section 2060?) or is accredited pursuant to an Administrator-approved course under section 206(c). "(I) An evaluation of resources needed to successfully complete response actions and carry out reinspection, surveillance, and operation and maintenance activities. "(2) STATEMENT BY CONTRACTOR.—A local educational agency may require each management plan to contain a statement signed by an accredited asbestos contractor that such contractor has prepared or assisted in the preparation of such plan, or has reviewed such plan, and that such plan is in compliance with the applicable regulations and standards promulgated or adopted pursuant to this section and other applicable provisions of law. Such a statement may not be signed by a contractor who, in addition to preparing or assisting in preparing the management plan, also implements (or will implement) the management plan. "(3) WARNING LABELS.—(A) The regulations shall require that each local educational agency which has inspected for and discovered any asbestos-containing material with respect to a school building shall attach a warning label to any asbestoscontaining material still in routine maintenance areas (such as boiler rooms) of the school building, including—

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"(i) friable asbestos-containing material which was responded to by a means other than removal, and "(ii) asbestos-containing material for which no response action was carried out. "(B) The warning label shall read, in print which is readily visible because of large size or bright color, as follows: 'CAUTION: ASBESTOS. HAZARDOUS. DO NOT DISTURB WITHOUT PROPER TRAINING AND EQUIPMENT.' "(4) PLAN MAY BE SUBMITTED IN STAGES.—A local educational agency may submit a management plan in stages, with each submission of the agency covering only a portion of the school buildings under the agency's authority, if the agency determines that such action would expedite the identification and abatement of hazardous asbestos-containing material in the school buildings under the authority of the agency. "(5) PUBLIC AVAILABILITY.—A copy of the management plan developed under the regulations shall be available in the administrative offices of the local educational agency for inspecj tion by the public, including teachers, other school personnel, and parents. The local educational agency shall notify parent, teacher, and employee organizations of the availability of such plan. ^^_^ ^^ ^ ^-^^^ ^^,