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PUBLIC LAW 99-000—MMMM. DD, 1986

100 STAT. 4048

PUBLIC LAW 99-661—NOV. 14, 1986

the replacement of all family housing units and other facilities that are to be demolished as a result of any easement granted under subsection (a). (2) An easement granted under subsection (a) shall not become effective until the Secretary determines that— (A) family housing units have been constructed to replace all the family housing units to be demolished as a result of such easement; and (B) such replacement units meet the applicable requirements specified in the agreements referred to in subsection (a). (3) Until the determination referred to in paragraph (2) is made, the Secretary shall continue to use, as military family housing, the housing units that are to be demolished as a result of an easement becoming effective. (c) ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.—The Secretary ,<.n-


require such additional terms and conditions in connection with any easement granted under this section as the Secretary considers appropriate to protect the interests of the United States. (d) FUNDING.—(1) The Secretary may use not more than $2,300,000 of the amount appropriated pursuant to section 2208(aK7)(A) for payment in connection with the construction of replacement family housing units required by subsection (b). (2) The Secretary may make available amounts for the construction of such replacement family housing units at the times specified in the agreements referred to in subsection (a). (3) The Secretary may not use any of the funds available for the purposes of this section for the replacement of facilities other than family housing facilities. SEC. 2735. LAND CONVEYANCE, MARCH AIR FORCE BASE, CALIFORNIA

(a) AUTHORITY TO SELL.—Subject to subsections (b) through (g), the Secretary of the Air Force may sell all or any portion of a tract of real property (together with improvements thereon), comprising a portion of March Air Force Base, California, known as West March and consisting of 845 acres, more or less. (b) CONDITIONS OF SALE.—The Secretary shall require as a condition of the sale of the property referred to in subsection (a) that the purchaser— (1) agree to construct on Government-owned real property at March Air Force Base, at the expense of the purchaser, in ' accordance with standards and specifications prescribed by the Secretary, a noncommissioned officers professional education center, a band center, and an addition to, or an alteration of, a combat operations center; and (2) submit to the Secretary a master plan for the development of the real property referred to in subsection (a) that— (A) is consistent (as determined by the Secretary) with


the Air Installations Compatible Use Zone recommenda'^^^ tions of the Air Force; (B) is consistent (as determined by the Secretary) with the t' c^) ' future plans of the Air Force for March Air Force Base and the plan for development of Air Force Village West; and '^C) is acceptable to the appropriate local government officials of the city and county of Riverside, California. " (c) COMPETITIVE BID REQUIREMENT; MINIMUM SALE PRICE.—(1) The

sale of any of the real property and improvements referred to in