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PUBLIC LAW 99-000—MMMM. DD, 1986

100 STAT. 4192

PUBLIC LAW 99-662—NOV. 17, 1986

Project Repayment District shall include lands and improvements which receive identifiable benefits from the construction or operation of such project. Such districts shall be established in accordance with State law, shall have specific boundaries which may be changed from time to time based upon further evaluations of benefits, and shall include the power to collect a portion of the transfer price from any transaction involving the sale, transfer, or change in beneficial ownership of lands and improvements within the district boundaries. (b) Prior to execution of an agreement pursuant to subsection (a) of this section, the Secretary shall require and approve a study from the State or political subdivision demonstrating that the revenues to be derived from a contract under this section, or an agreement with a Federal Project Repayment District, will be sufficient to equal or exceed the cost recovery requirements over the term of repayment required by Federal law. SEC. 917. EMERGENCY AND DISASTER AUTHORITY.

State and local governments.

42 USC 5121 note.

Section 5(a) of the Act entitled "An Act authorizing the construction of certain public works on rivers and harbors for flood control, and for other purposes", approved August 18, 1941 (33 U.S.C. 701n), is amended by striking out "drinking" each place it appears in the second sentence and by inserting after the first sentence the following new sentence: "In any case in which the Chief of Engineers is otherwise performing work under this section in an area for which the Governor of the affected State has requested a determination that an emergency exists or a declaration that a major disaster exists under the Disaster Relief Act of 1974, the Chief of Engineers is further authorized to perform on public and private lands and waters for a period of ten days following the Governor's request any emergency work made necessary by such emergency or disaster which is essential for the preservation of life and property, including, but not limited to, channel clearance, emergency shore protection, clearance and removal of debris and wreckage endangering public health and safety, and temporary restoration of essential public facilities and services.".

33 USC 2292.


40 USC 541.

Any surveying or mapping services to be performed in connection with a water resources project which is or has been authorized to be undertaken by the Secretary shall be procured in accordance with title IX of the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949.

33 USC 555a.


State and local governments. Taxes.

(a) The Secretary shall disclose petroleum product information to any State taxing agency making a request under subsection (b). Such information shall be disclosed for the purpose of, and only to the extent necessary in, the administration of State tax laws. (b) Disclosure of information under this section shall be permitted only upon written request by the head of the State taxing agency and only to the representatives of such agency designated in such written request as the individuals who are to inspect or to receive the information on behalf of such agency. Any such representative shall be an employee or legal representative of such agency.