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PUBLIC LAW 99-000—MMMM. DD, 1986

PUBLIC LAW 99-662—NOV. 17, 1986

100 STAT. 4225


(a) Whitewater recreation on the Gauley River downstream of the Summersville Lake Project in West Virginia is a project purpose of that project. (b) During the fall flood control drawdown period for the Summersville Lake Project, the Secretary shall provide releases from the Summersville Dam for Whitewater recreation in the 26 mile tailwater segment of the Gauley River commencing at the base of such dam. Such releases shall be at levels (minimum 2,500 cubic feet per second) and at times suitable for Whitewater recreation. The releases shall commence on the first weekend after Labor Day of each year. In each year there shall be releases on at least 20 days during the 6-week period beginning on Labor Day. Additional releases may be provided at other times during the fall drawdown at the discretion of the Secretary. (c) The Secretary may temporarily suspend (for such period as may be necessary) or modify any release required under subsection (b) when necessary for purposes of flood control or any other project purpose, or for reasons of public health and safety. Except in cases of emergency, no suspension or modification of such releases may be made solely for reasons associated with the generation of hydroelectric power at the Summersville Dam. (d) Nothing in subsection (b) of this section shall be construed to affect the authority of the Secretary regarding releases of water from the Summersville Dam for any project purpose (including the purpose set forth in subsection (a)) at any time other than during the period specified in subsection (b).

West Virginia.


Upper Mississippi River Management Act of 1986. 33 USC 652.

(a)(1) This section may be cited as the "Upper Mississippi River Management Act of 1986". (2) To ensure the coordinated development and enhancement of the Upper Mississippi River system, it is hereby declared to be the intent of Congress to recognize that system as a nationally significant ecosystem and a nationally significant commercial navigation system. Congress further recognizes that the system provides a diversity of opportunities and experiences. The system shall be administered and regulated in recognition of its several purposes. O> For purposes of this section— t) (1) the terms "Upper Mississippi River system" and "system" mean those river reaches having commercial navigation channels on the Mississippi River main stem north of Cairo, Illinois; the Minnesota River, Minnesota; Black River, Wisconsin; Saint Croix River, Minnesota and Wisconsin; Illinois River and Waterway, Illinois; and Kaskaskia River, Illinois; (2) the term "Master Plan" means the comprehensive master plan for the management of the Upper Mississippi River system, dated January 1, 1982, prepared by the Upper Mississippi River Bsisin Commission and submitted to Congress pursuant to Public Law 95-502; (3) the term "GREAT I, GREAT II, and GRRM studies" ' ' means the studies entitled "GREAT Environmental Action Team—GREAT I—A Study of the Upper Mississippi River", dated September 1980, "GREAT River Environmental Action Team—GREAT II—A Study of the Upper Mississippi River", ^" dated December 1980, and "GREAT River Resource Management Study", dated September 1982; and

Flood control.

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