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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1987

PUBLIC LAW 100-107—AUG. 20, 1987

101 STAT. 725

(A) helping to stimulate American companies to improve quality and productivity for the pride of recognition while obtaining a competitive edge through increased profits, (B) recognizing the achievements of those companies which improve the quality of their goods and services and providing an example to others, ih (C) establishing guidelines and criteria that can be used by business, industrial, governmental, and other organizations in evaluating their own quality improvement efforts, '1 and (D) providing specific guidance for other American organizations that wish to learn how to manage for high quality by making available detailed information on how winning organizations were able to change their cultures and achieve eminence. 0>) PURPOSE,—It is the purpose of this Act to provide for the establishment and conduct of a national quality improvement program under which (1) awards are given to selected companies and other organizations in the United States that practice effective quality management and as a result make significant improvements in the quality of their goods and services, and (2) information is disseminated about the successful strategies and programs. SEC. 3. ESTABLISHMENT OF THE MALCOLM BALDRIGE NATIONAL QUALITY AWARD PROGRAM.

(a) IN GENERAL.—The Stevenson-Wydler Technology Innovation 15 USC Act of 1980 (15 U.S.C. 3701 et seq.) is amended by redesignating 3712-3714. sections 16,17, and 18 as sections 17,18, and 19, respectively, and by inserting after section 15 the following new section: "SEC. 16. MALCOLM BALDRIGE NATIONAL QUALITY AWARD.

15 USC 3711a.

"(a) ESTABLISHMENT.—There is hereby established the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, which shall be evidenced by a medal bearing the inscriptions 'Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award' and 'The Quest for Excellence'. The medal shall be of such design and materials and bear such additional inscriptions as the Secretary may prescribe. "(b) MAKING AND PRESENTATION OF AWARD.—(1) The President (on President of U.S.

the basis of recommendations received from the Secretary), or the Secretary, shall periodically make the award to companies and other organizations which in the judgment of the President or the Secretary have substantially benefited the economic or social wellbeing of the United States through improvements in the quality of their goods or services resulting from the effective practice of quality management, and which as a consequence are deserving of special recognition. "(2) The presentation of the award shall be made by the President President of U.S. or the Secretary with such ceremonies as the President or the Secretary may deem proper. "(3) An organization to which an award is made under this section, and which agrees to help other American organizations improve their quality management, may publicize its receipt of such award and use the award in its advertising, but it shall be ineligible to receive another such award in the same category for a period of 5 years.