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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1987

101 STAT. 1144

PUBLIC LAW 100-180—DEC. 4, 1987


(D) A description of the maintenance, repair, and overhaul work under that program that could be performed in the United .,;,.r States or Canada, or in a country that is a major non-NATO

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ally, on a cost-effective basis and without a significant adverse r u ' - . i^i " effect on the readiness of the Armed Forces of the United •'::;';^^.; states.

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(E) A list and detailed explanation of each of the instances, . u.: '.'. through October 31, 1988, in which the Secretary of a military department exercised the authority provided in subsection (c). (e) DEFINITION.—For purposes of this section, the term "major non-NATO ally" has the meaning given that term by section 1105(g)(l) of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1987 (Public Law 99-661). SEC. 1022. NATO COOPERATIVE PROJECT AGREEMENTS

Clause (C) of section 27(b)(l) of the Arms Export Control Act (22 U.S.C. 2767(b)(l)(C)) is amended by inserting "or for procurement by the United States of munitions from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or a subsidiary of such organization" after "member country". SEC. 1023. REPORT ON CO-PRODUCTION OR CO-ASSEMBLY OF MlAl TANK

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(a) IN GENERAL.—The Secretary of Defense shall submit to Congress a detailed report on any plans of the Department of Defense as of the time of the submission of the report regarding co-production or co-Eissembly of the M l or M l A l Abrams tank with a foreign country. The Secretary shall include in such report the following: (1) The status of any current negotiations by the Secretary of Defense with any foreign country regarding the co-production or co-assembly of the M l or M l A l tank by the United States and that country. (2) A comparison of the long-term effects on the United States mobilization base of production of such tank under a co-produc< tion or co-assembly arrangement with a foreign country. (3) The effect an arrangement with a foreign country for the co-production or co-assembly of such tank would have on the national security of the United States. (b) DEADLINE FOR REPORT.—The Secretary shall submit the report required under subsection (a) not later than 90 days after the date of the enactment of this Act. (c) CLASSIFICATION OF REPORT.—The Secretary shall submit the report required under subsection (a) in both classified and unclassified form. SEC. 1024. WEAPONS STORAGE AND SECURITY SYSTEMS (a) LIMITATION ON INSTALLATION.—Funds appropriated or other-


wise made available to the Department of Defense for fiscal years 1988 and 1989 may not be expended for installation of Weapons Storage and Security Systems (WSSS) in the territory of any European member nation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization until the Secretary of Defense certifies to Congress that the construction program with respect to such systems is eligible for common financing under the NATO Infrastructure program. (b) EFFECT OF INF TREATY.—If a treaty on Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) is ratified before the certification under subsection (a) is made, the Secretary shall submit with the certifi-