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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1987

PUBLIC LAW 100-205—DEC. 23, 1987

101 STAT. 1433

Public Law 100-205 100th Congress An Act To amend the boundaries of Stones River National Battlefield, Tennessee, and for other purposes.

Dec. 23, 1987 [H.R. 1994]

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, SECTION 1. STONES RIVER NATIONAL BATTLEFIELD.

16 USC 426n.

(a) EXPANSION OF STONES RIVER NATIONAL BATTLEFIELD.—In furtherance of the Act of March 3, 1927 (44 Stat. 1399), as amended, the 16 USC 426. boundary of Stones River National Battlefield (hereinafter referred to as "battlefield") is hereby revised to include the lands generally depicted on the map entitled "Boundary Map, Stones River National Battlefield" numbered 327/80,001, and dated March 1987. The map Public shall be on file and available for public inspection in the offices of information, the National Park Service, Department of the Interior and in the office of the Superintendent of the Stones River National Battlefield. (b) ACQUISITION OF LANDS.—The Secretary of the Interior (hereinafter referred to as "Secretary") is hereby authorized to acquire lands or interests therein within the boundary of the battlefield by donation, purchase with donated or appropriated funds, or exchange. Any lands or interests in lands owned by the State of Tennessee or any political subdivision thereof may be acquired only by donation. Lands and interests therein acquired pursuant to this Act shall become part of the battlefield, subject to all the laws and regulations applicable thereto. SEC. 2. AGREEMENT.

16 USC 426o.

The Secretary is authorized to enter into an agreement with the city of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, under which (1) the Secretary shall acquire sufficient interest in land and shall construct thereon a trail linking the battlefield with Fortress Rosecrans, (2) the city shall operate and maintain the trail in accordance with standards approved by the Secretary, and (3) the Secretary shall preserve the existing remnants of Fortress Rosecrans and the city shall operate and maintain the fortress. SEC. 3. AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS.

There is hereby authorized to be appropriated such sums as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of this Act. Approved December 23, 1987.

LEGISLATIVE H I S TO R Y — H. R. 1994 (S. 963):

HOUSE REPORTS: No. 100-187 (Comm. on Interior and Insular Affairs). SENATE REPORTS: No. 100-243 accompanying S. 963 (Comm. on Energy and Natural Resources). CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 133 (1987): June 29, considered and passed House. Dec. 11, considered and passed Senate.

16 USC 426p.