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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1987

PUBLIC LAW 100-242—FEB. 5, 1988

101 STAT. 1927

persons of low income and the activities that will be undertaken for persons of moderate income.", (b) TECHNICAL AMENDMENTS.—Section 104(c)(1) of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 is amended— (1) by striking "lower income persons" each place it appears and inserting "persons of low and moderate income"; and (2) in subparagraph (C)(ii), by striking "low-income persons" and inserting "persons of low and moderate income". SEC. 508. CITIZEN PARTICIPATION PLAN.

42 USC 5304.


Section 104(a) of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 is amended by adding at the end thereof the following: "(3) A grant under section 106 may be made only if the grantee certifies that it is following a detailed citizen participation plan which— "(A) provides for and encourages citizen participation, with particular emphasis on participation by persons of low and moderate income who are residents of slum and blight areas and of areas in which section 106 funds are proposed to be used, and in the case of a grantee described in section 106(a), provides for participation of residents in low and moderate income neighborhoods as defined by the local jurisdiction; "(B) provides citizens with reasonable and timely access to local meetings, information, and records relating to the grantee's proposed use of funds, as required by regulations of the Secretary, and relating to the actual use of funds under this title; "(C) provides for technical assistance to groups representative of persons of low and moderate income that request such assistance in developing proposals with the level and type of assistance to be determined by the grantee; "(D) provides for public hearings to obtain citizen views and to respond to proposals and questions at all stages of the community development program, including at least the development of needs, the review of proposed activities, and review of program performance, which hearings shall be held after adequate notice, at times and locations convenient to potential or actual beneficiaries, and with accommodation for the handicapped; "(E) provides for a timely written answer to written complaints and grievances, within 15 working days where practicable; and "(F) identifies how the needs of non-English speaking residents will be met in the case of public hearings where a significant number of non-English speaking residents can be reasonably expected to participate. This paragraph may not be construed to restrict the responsibility or authority of the grantee for the development and execution of its community development program.". SEC. 509. CONSERVING NEIGHBORHOODS AND HOUSING BY PROHIBITING DISPLACEMENT.

(a) IN GENERAL.—Section 104 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 is amended— (1) by redesignating subsections (d) through (j) as subsections (e) through (k), respectively; and (2) by inserting after subsection (c) the following new subsection: