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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

102 STAT. 206

PUBLIC LAW 100-297—APR. 28, 1988 "Subpart 2—State Programs

20 USC 2931.


"(a) AUTHORIZED ACTIVITIES.—A State educational agency may use funds reserved for State use under this chapter only for— "(1) State administration of programs under this chapter including— "(A) supervision of the allocation of funds to local educational agencies; "(B) planning, supervision, and processing of State funds; "(C) monitoring and evaluation of programs and activities under this part; and "(D) operations of the State advisory committee; "(2) technical assistance and direct grants to local educational agencies and statewide activities which assist local educational agencies to provide targeted assistance as provided in section 1531; and "(3) assistance to local educational agencies and statewide activities to carry out effective schools programs under subpart 4. "(b) LIMITATIONS AND REQUIREMENTS.—

20 USC 2932. Grants.

"(1) Not more than 25 percent of funds available for State programs under this part in any fiscal year may be used for State administration under subsection (a)(1). "(2)(A) At least 20 percent of funds available for State programs under this part in any fiscal year shall be used for effective schools programs under subsection (a)(3). "(B) If a State is spending from non-Federal sources an amount equal to twice as much as the State is required to use for the purposes of subsection (a)(3), the Secretary may waive the requirement of subparagraph (A). In deciding whether or not to grant such a waiver, the Secretary shall use the definition of effective schools contained in section 1471(18). "SEC. 1522. STATE APPLICATIONS. "(a) AppucATiON REQUIREMENTS.—Any State which desires to receive grants under this chapter shall submit to the Secretary an application which— "(1) designates the State educational agency as the State agency responsible for the administration and supervision of programs assisted under this chapter; "(2) provides for a process of active and continuing consultation with the State educational agency of an advisory committee, appointed by the Governor and determined by the Governor to be broadly representative of the educational interests and the general public in the State, including individuals representative of— "(A) public and private elementary and secondary schoolchildren; "(B) clsissroom teachers; "(C) parents of elementary and secondary schoolchildren; "(D) local boards of education; "(E) local and regional school administrators (including principals, superintendents, and administrators of intermediate educational units); "(F) institutions of higher education; "(G) the State legislature;