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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

102 STAT. 538

Appropriation authorization.

PUBLIC LAW 100-322—MAY 20, 1988

shall be reduced according to the amortization schedule of the loan and may not at any time exceed the amount of the outstanding loan with interest. If there is no outstanding loan on the housing unit, insurance is not payable under this section. If an eligible veteran elects not to be insured under this section, the veteran may thereafter be insured under this section, but only upon submission of an application, payment of required premiums, and compliance with such health requirements and other terms and conditions as may be prescribed by the Administrator. "(c) The premiums charged a veteran for insurance under this section shall be paid at such time and in such manner as the Administrator prescribes. The rates for such premiums shall be based on such mortality data as the Administrator considers appropriate to cover only the mortality cost of insuring standard lives. In the case of a veteran receiving compensation or other cash benefits paid to the veteran by the Administrator, the Administrator shall deduct from such compensation or other benefits the premiums charged the veteran under this section. "(dKD The United States shall bear the costs of insurance under this section to the extent that such costs exceed premiums established by the Administrator. Premiums collected on insurance under this section shall be credited to the 'Veterans Insurance and Indemnities' appropriation account, and all disbursements of insurance proceeds under this section shall be made from that account. "(2) There are authorized to be appropriated to the Administrator for such account such amounts as may be necessary to carry out this section. "(e) Any amount of insurance in force under this section on the date of the death of an eligible veteran insured under this section shall be paid to the holder of the mortgage loan, for payment of which the insurance was granted, for credit on the loan indebtedness. Any liability of the United States under such insurance shall be satisfied when such payment is made. If the Administrator is the holder of the mortgage loan, the insurance proceeds shall be credited to the loan indebtedness and, as appropriate, deposited in either the direct loan or loan guaranty revolving fund established by section 1823 or 1824 of this title, respectively. "(f) The Administrator may prescribe such regulations relating to eligibility for insurance under this section, the maximum amount of insurance, the effective date of insurance, the maximum duration of insurance, and other pertinent matters not specifically provided for in this section as the Administrator determines are in the best interest of veterans or the United States. "(g) The amount of the insurance in force at any time shall be the amount necessary to pay the mortgage indebtedness in full, except as otherwise limited by subsection (b) of this section or regulations prescribed by the Administrator under this section. "(h) The Administrator shall issue to each veteran insured under this section a certificate setting forth the benefits to which the veteran is entitled under the insurance. "(i) Insurance under this section shall terminate upon whichever of the following events first occurs: "(1) Satisfaction of the veteran's indebtedness under the loan upon which the insurance is based. "(2) The veteran's seventieth birthday. "(3) Termination of the veteran's ownership of the property securing the loan.