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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

SUBJECT INDEX National Guard. See Armed Forces. National Historical Publications and Records Commission Amendments of 1988 823 National Housing Act, amendments...3274, 3275, 4356, 4708 National Indian Gaming Commission, establishment 2467 National Institute of Standards and Technology Act, amendments... 14271436, 1437, 1439-1441, 1449 National Institute of Standards and Technology Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1989 2589 National Institute of Standards and Technology Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1989, amendments 4095 National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders and Health Research Extension Act of 1988 3048 National Mimbres Culture Study Act of 1988 2798 National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum, CO, Federal charter 3849 National Narcotics Act of 1984, repeal 4187 National Narcotics Leadership Act of 1988 4181 National Ocean Pollution Planning Act of 1978, amendments 3324 National Organ Transplant Act, amendments 3116 National Park of American Samoa, establishment 2879 National Parks, Monuments, Etc.: Abandoned Shipwreck Act of 1987 432 American Samoa National Park 2879 Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988 4181 Antietam National Battlefield, MD, land acquisitions 2649 Arizona-Idaho Conservation Act of 1988 4571 Aztec Ruins National Monument, boundary revision 2797 Beech Creek National Scenic Area, OK, designation 2491 Berlin National Fish Hatchery, NH, property conveyance 3825 Big Cypress National Preserve Addition Act 443 Black Revolutionary War Patriots Memorial, DC, location 39 Bo Ginn National Fish Hatchery and Aquarium, GA, designation 3828 Canaveral National Seashore, FL, land acquisition 2831 Charles Pinckney National Historic Site, SC, establishment 1581

City of Rocks National Reserve, ID, establishment Congaree Swamp National Monument Expansion and Wilderness Act Constitution Heritage Act of 1988 Coronado National Trail Study Act of 1988 Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area Citizen Advisory Commission, establishment Federal Land Exchange Facilitation Act of 1988 Fort Caroline National Memorial, FL, preservation Frankfort National Fish Hatchery, KY, property conveyance Gauley River National Recreation Area, establishment Geothermal Steam Act Amendments of 1988 Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge, WA, establishment Guadalupe Mountains National Park, TX, boundary modification Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument, ID, establishment Hamilton Grange National Memorial, NY, establishment Imperial Valley College Barker Museum Land Transfer Act of 1988 Indian Nations National Scenic and Wildlife Area, OK, designation Jean Lafitte National Historic Park, land acquisition John Muir National Historic Site, CA, boundary expansion Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge, HI, land acquisition Korean War Memorial, DC, location Lake Mills National Fish Hatchery, WI, property conveyance Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center, MT, establishment Michigan Public Lands Improvement Act of 1988 Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, MS, establishment Natchez National Historical Park, MS, establishment National Defense Authorization Act, Fiscal Year 1989 National Trails System Improvements Act of 1988 National Tropical Botanical Garden, designation Omnibus Oregon Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1988


4571 2606 1640 2797 2890 1086 13 3825 2699 1766 1041 2720 4571 4640 2709 2491 16 2829 3825 41 3825 2767 2711 4571 2324 1918 2281 2718 2782

NOTE: Page references are to beginning pages of each law except for acts being amended or repealed and boards or commissions being established, which cite to pages where they actually appear.