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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

PUBLIC LAW 100-459—OCT. 1, 1988

102 STAT. 2213

Judicial Services, Salaries and Expenses" appropriation to be used for salaries and other expenses incurred in providing these services. SEC. 406. Section 603 of title 28, United States Code, is amended by striking "three" and inserting in lieu thereof "six". SEC. 407. The second paragraph of section 332(f) of title 28, United States Code, is amended by striking "level V" and inserting in lieu thereof "level IV". This title may be cited as "The Judiciary Appropriations Act, 1989". TITLE V—RELATED AGENCIES DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION MARITIME ADMINISTRATION READY RESERVE FORCE

For necessary expenses to acquire and maintain a surge shipping capability in the National Defense Reserve Fleet in an advanced state of readiness and related programs, $110,751,000, to remain available until expended, of which $3,000,000 shall be available for maintenance and related expenses of the National Defense Reserve Fleet: Provided, That reimbursement may be made to the Operations and Training appropriation for expenses related to this program. OPERATING-DIFFERENTIAL SUBSIDIES (UQUIDATION OF CONTRACT AUTHORITY)

For the payment of obligations incurred for operating-differential subsidies as authorized by the Merchant Marine Act, 1936, as amended, $248,900,000, to remain available until expended. OPERATIONS AND TRAINING

For necessary expenses of operations and training activities authorized by law, $66,250,000, to remain available until expended: Provided, That reimbursements may be made to this appropriation from receipts to the "Federal Ship Financing Fund" for administrative expenses in support of that program in addition to any amount heretofore appropriated. ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS—MARITIME ADMINISTRATION

Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act, the Maritime utilities. Administration is authorized to furnish utilities and services and Contracts. make necessary repairs in connection with any lease, contract, or occupancy involving Government property under control of the Maritime Administration and payments received by the Maritime Administration for utilities, services, and repairs so furnished or made shall be credited to the appropriation charged with the cost thereof: Provided, That rental payments under any such lease, contract, or occupancy on account of items other than such utilities, services or repairs shall be covered into the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts. No obligations shall be incurred during the current fiscal year from the construction fund established by the Merchant Marine Act, 1936, or otherwise, in excess of the appropriations and limitations

19-194 o—91—Part a-