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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

PUBLIC LAW 100-516—OCT. 24, 1988

102 STAT. 2575

tion and Drainage Districts, Central Arizona Project, pursuant to Contract Numbered 4-07-30-W0047, as supplemented, and Contract Numbered 4-07-30-W0048, as supplemented, the sixty-day congressional review period provided for in the Act of June 13, 1956 (70 Stat. 274) is hereby waived. SEC. 22. CLOSED BASIN PROJECT AMENDMENTS.


The Reclamation Project Authorization Act of 1972 (Public Law 92-514, 86 Stat. 964), as amended by the Act of October 3, 1980 (Public Law 96-375, 94 Stat. 1505), and by the Act of October 30, 1984 (Public Law 98-570, 98 Stat. 2941), is further amended as follows: (1) Section 101(a) is amended by striking the phrase "including New Mexico. channel rectification of the Rio Grande between the uppermost point of discharge into the river of water salvaged by the project, and the Colorado-New Mexico State line, so as to provide for the carriage of water so salvaged without flooding of surrounding lands, to minimize losses of waters through evaporation, transpiration, and seepage, and to provide a conduit for the reception of water salvaged by drainage projects undertaken in the San Luis Valley below Alamosa, Colorado,". (2) Section 101(c) is amended by striking the phrase "Water Quality Act of 1965 (79 Stat. 903)" and inserting in lieu thereof the phrase "Clean Water Act (Public Law 92-500), as amended.". (3) Section 102(a) is amended by striking the phrase "except channel rectification,". (4) Section 102 is amended by adding a new subsection (c) at the end thereof to read as follows: "(c) The Secretary is authorized to acquire water pursuant to the Contracts. procedural and substantive laws of the State of Colorado from within the Rio Grande Basin in the State of Colorado by purchase, lease, or exchange from willing sellers for the purposes of this Act, provided that— "(1) such water is obtained, made available, and delivered for project purposes at less cost for operation and maintenance than the same amounts of water can be made available by operation of project pumping facilities and without necessitating the construction of additional physical facilities by the Secretary; "(2) such water may be used in lieu of water pumped from the project only if the Secretary has complied with all Federal, State, and local laws, rules, and regulations which apply to such water or the facilities other than those of the project which develop such water; "(3) such water is subject to all of the limitations, conditions, and requirements of this Act to the same extent and in the same manner as water pumped by the project; and "(4) this authorization shall not entitle the Secretary to obtain such water or any water rights by condemnation or by exercising the power of eminent domain.". (5) Section 104(b)(2) is amended by adding a new sentence at the end thereof to read as follows: "The Secretary is authori:^ to Contracts. negotiate and enter into an agreement with the Rio Grande Water Conservation District which provides for the temporary delivery of project salvaged water to the refuge and the habitat area in those years in which there is not sufficient water to fully satisfy the purposes of both paragraphs (1) and (2) of this subsection.".