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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

PUBLIC LAW 100-570—OCT. 31, 1988

102 STAT. 2875

(C) promote the modernization of undergraduate academic science and engineering research laboratories and related facilities so as to facilitate and support research in the scientific and engineering disciplines. (b)(1) The Program shall be carried out through projects which involve the repair, renovation, or, in exceptional cases, replacement of specific science and engineering facilities devoted primarily to research at eligible institutions, or consortia thereof, and for which funds are awarded in response to specific proposals submitted by such eligible institutions or consortia in accordance with procedures prescribed by the Director pursuant to section 204 of this Act. (2) Awards made under the Program shall not exceed $7,000,000 to any institution or consortium over any period of 5 years for the repair, renovation, or, in exceptional cases, replacement of academic research facilities. (3) The Director shall, in making awards under the Program, consider the extent to which that institution or consortium has received funds for the repair, renovation, construction, or replacement of academic facilities from any other Federal funding source within the 5-year period immediately preceding the application. The Director shall give priority to institutions or consortia that have not received such funds in the preceding 5 years. (4) The Director shall, in awarding funds under this title, consider the distribution of funds among institutions of different sizes and geographical locations. (c) Criteria for the award of funds to any institution for a project under the Program shall include— (1) the quality of the research and training to be carried out in the facility or facilities involved; (2) the need for the proposed repair, renovation, or, in exceptional cases, replacement based on an analysis of the age and condition of existing research facilities and equipment; (3) the congruence of the institution's research and training activities with the future research needs of the Nation and the research mission of the Foundation; (4) the contribution that the project will make toward meeting national, regional, and institutional research and related training needs; (5) in the csise of an institution that historically has received relatively little Federal research and development funding, the contribution the proposed project will make to improving the institution's academic scientific and engineering infrastructure and broadening the Nation's science and engineering base; and (6) the impact of the award on the overall geographic distribution of awards made under the Program, with the objective of avoiding undue concentration of awards. PROCEDURES, GUIDEUNES, AND PLANNING ACTIVITIES

SEC. 204. (a)(1) The Director shall, consistent with the objectives of 42 USC 1862c. the Program and the criteria set forth in section 203(c) of this Act, set forth procedures for the Program. (2) The procedures so prescribed shall contain such terms, conditions, and guidelines as may be necessary in the light of Program j objectives, but shall in any event provide that—