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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

102 STAT. 2888 Children and youth.


PUBLIC LAW 100-572—OCT. 31, 1988

"(C) Assurances satisfactory to the Secretary that the applicant will report on a quarterly basis the number of infants and children screened for elevated blood lead levels, the number of infants and children who were found to have elevated blood lead levels, the number and type of medical referrals made for such infants and children, the outcome of such referrals, and other information to measure program effectiveness as required under paragraph (2). "(D) Assurances satisfactory to the Secretary that the applicant will make such reports respecting the program involved as the Secretary may require. "(E) Such other information as the Secretary may prescribe. "(2) The Secretary shall prepare and submit a report to the Committee on Energy and Commerce of the United States House of Representatives and to the Committee on Labor and Human Resources of the United States Senate not later than one year after the enactment of this section, and annually thereafter, on the effectiveness during the period reported on of the programs assisted under grants under sul^ection (a). "(c) MAINTENANCE OF EFFORT.—No grant may be made under subsection (a) unless the Secretary determines that there is satisfactory assurance that Federal funds made available under such a grant for any period will be so used as to supplement and, to the extent practical, increase the level of State, local, and other nonFederal funds that would, in the absence of such Federal funds, be made available for the program for which the grant is to be made and will in no event supplant such State, local, and other nonFederal funds. "(d) 0)ORDiNATiON.—No grant may be made under subsection (a) unless the Secretary determines that there will be coordination between the recipient of the grant and activities within the State in which the grantee is located under titles V and XIX of the Social Security Act relating to lead poisoning prevention. "(e) METHOD AND AMOUNT OF PAYMENT.—The Secretary shall determine the amount of a grant made under subsection (a). Payments under such grants may be made in advance on the basis of estimates or by way of reimbursement, with necessary adjustments on account of underpayments or overpayments, and in such installments and on such terms and conditions as the Secretary finds necessary to carry out the purposes of such grants. Not more than 10 percent of any grant may be obligated for administrative costs. "(f) SuppuES, EQUIPMENT, AND EMPLOYEE DETAIL.—The Secretary, at the request of a recipient of a grant under subsection (a), may reduce the amount of such grant by— "(1) the fair market value of any supplies or equipment furnished the grant recipient, and "(2) the amount of the pay, allowances, and travel expenses of any officer or employee of the Government when detailed to the grant recipient and the amount of any other costs incurred in connection with the detail of such officer or employee, when the furnishing of such supplies or equipment or the detail of such an officer or employee is for the convenience of and at the request of such grant recipient and for the purpose of carrying out a program with respect to which the grant under subsection (a) is made. The amount by which any such grant is so reduced shall be available for payment by the Secretary of the costs incurred in furnishing the supplies or equipment, or in detailing the personnel,