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103 STAT. 106 PUBLIC LAW 101-45—JUNE 30, 1989 HIGHER EDUCATION For an additional amount for "Higher Education" which shall be available for such project as the Secretary may deem appropriate which is authorized under existing law, $1,600,000. DEPARTMENTAL MANAGEMENT PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION (RESCISSION) Of funds provided under this head for necessary expenses of the National Student Loan Data System, $5,533,000 are rescinded. OFFICE FOR CIVIL RIGHTS For an additional amount for the Office for Civil Rights, as authorized by section 203 of the Department of Education Organiza- tion Act, $790,000. OFFICE OF THE INSPECTOR GENERAL For an additional amount for the Office of the Inspector Gteneral, as authorized by section 212 of the Department of Education Organization Act, $440,000. RELATED AGENCIES RAILROAD RETIREMENT BOARD LIMITATION ON REVIEW ACTIVITY For an additional amount for "Limitation on Review Activity", $150,000. PRESCRIPTION DRUG PAYMENT REVIEW COMMISSION SALARIES AND EXPENSES (TRANSFER OF FUNDS) For the Prescription Drug Payment Review Commission, as au- thorized by section 1847 of title XVIII of the Social Security Act, $250,000, to be derived by transfer of $125,000 from the Physician Payment Review Commission and $125,000 from the Prospective Payment Assessment Commission, to remain available until expended. WHITE HOUSE CONFERENCE ON LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SERVICES For carrying out activities under Public Law 100-382, $1,750,000.