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103 STAT. 124 PUBLIC LAW 101-45—JUNE 30, 1989 Public buildings and grounds. Historic preservation. 102 Stat. 2148. New York. Bridges. 102 Stat. 2154. 102 Stat. 1724. SBC. 302. The King Center and the National Park Service are authorized to locate an additional parking site for the Martin Luther King National Historic Site within the National Historic Site and Preservation District Boundary in accordance with Federal and State preservation regulations, in lieu of the vacant lot on the north side of Irwin between Jackson and Boulevard as specified in Public Law 100-202. CHAPTER IV DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION AIRCRAFT PURCHASE LOAN GUARANTEE PROGRAM For the settlement of promissory notes issued to the Secretary of the Treasury, $10,770,941, to remain available until expended, to- gether with such sums as may be necessary for the payment of interest due under the terms and conditions of such notes. GENERAL PROVISIONS SEC. 401. Section 312 of Public Law 100-457 is amended by delet- ing "$276,000" and inserting in lieu thereof $300,000". SBC 402. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the New York State Bridge Authority shall have the authority to collect tolls on the Newburgh-Beaoon Bridge and to utilize the revenue there- from for the construction and reconstruction of and for the costs necessary for the proper maintenance and operation of any bridges and facilities under the jurisdiction of such Authority and for the payment of dd>t service on any of the Authority's obligations issued in connection therewith. Section 341 of Public Law 100-457 is amended by deleting "2" and inserting in lieu thereof "4". CHAPTER V DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY UNITED STATES CUSTOMS SERVICE OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE, AIR INTERDICTION PROGRAM Under this heading in the Treasury Department Appropriations Act, 1989, Public Law 100-440, after the words, "Provided, That", insert "with the exception of the transfer of two E2C aircraft to the United States Coast Guard,". UNITED STATES SECRET SERVICE SALARIES AND EXPENSES Funds appropriated under this heading in the Treasury, Postal Service, and General Government Appropriations Act, fiscal year 1989, Public Law 100-440, for construction of barriers at the south end of the White House shall remain available until expended.