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103 STAT. 38 PUBLIC LAW 101-14 —APR. 18, 1989 (b) PROHIBITION ON MIXED LOADS.— Transportation of any militaxy assistance, or of any assistance other than that specified in 2(b), is prohibited. SEC. 4. MEDICAL ASSISTANCE. The President may transfer, in addition to funds transferred prior to March 31, 1989, to the Administrator of the Agency for Inter- national Development from unobligated funds from appropriations accounts specified in section 6, up to $4,166,000, to be used only for the provision of medical assistance for the civilian victims of the Nicaraguan civil strife to be transported and administered by the Catholic Church in Nicaragua. SEC. 5. UNITED STATES POLICY CONCERNING ECONOMIC ASSISTANCE FOR CENTRAL AMERICA. As part of an effort to promote democracy and address on a long- term basis the economic causes of regional and political instability in Central America— (1) in recCition of the recommendations of groups such as the National Bipartisan Commission on Central America, the Inter-American Dial<^e, and the Sanford Commission; (2) to assist in the implementation of these economic plans and to encourage other countries in other parts of the world to join in extendii^ assistance to Central America; and (3) in the context of an agreement to end military conflict in the r^on; the Congress encourages the. President to submit proposals for bilateral and multilateral action— (A) to provide additional economic assistance to the demo- cratic countries of Central America to promote economic stabil- ity, expand educational opportunity, foster progress in human rights, bolster democratic institutions, and strengthen institu- tions ofjustice; (B) to facilitate the ability of Central American economies to grow through the development of their infrastructure, expan- sion of exports, and the strengthening of increased investment opportunities; (C) to provide a more realistic plan to assist Central American countries in managing their foreign debt; and (D) to develop these initiatives in concert with Western Europe, Japan, and other democratic allies. SEC. 6. SOURCE OF FUNDS; AND RESCISSION. (INCLUDING TRANSFERS AND RESCISSION) (a) SOURCE OF FUNDS. —The appropriations accounts from which funds may be transferred pursuant to sections 2 and 4 are the following accounts in amounts not to exceed the following: (1) Missile Procurement, Army, 1988, $3,500,000. (2) Procurement of Weapons and TVacked Combat Vehicles, Army, 1987, $12,739,000. (3) Other Procurement, Army, 1988, $761,000. (4) Research, Development, Test and Evaluation, Air Force, 1988, $1,902,000. (5) Weapons Procurement, Navy, 1989, $2,000,000. (6) ReseiEu-ch, Development, Test and Evaluation, Navy, 1989, $13,400,000.