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103 STAT. 1170 PUBLIC LAW 101-166—NOV. 21, 1989 not to exceed five passenger motor vehicles for replacement only: Provided, That $34,000,000 of this amount shall be available only for the purchase of an advanced design supercomputer: Provided fur- ther. That in addition, the Secretary shall transfer $15,000,000 from appropriations available to each of the Institutes which shall be available for extramural facilities construction grants if authorized in law and if awarded competitively including such amount as he may deem appropriate for research animal production facilities. BUILDINGS AND FACILITIES For construction of, and acquisition of equipment for, facilities of or used by the National Institutes of Health, $61,600,000, to remain available until expended. ALCOHOL, DRUG ABUSE, AND MENTAL HEALTH ADMINISTRATION ALCOHOL, DRUG ABUSE, AND MENTAL HEALTH For carrying out the Public Health Service Act with respect to mental health, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and alcoholism, section 3521 of Public Law 100-690, and the Protection and Advocacy for Mentally 111 Individuals Act of 1986, $1,934,177,000, of which $7,359,000 for homeless activities shall be available for obligation for the period October 1, 1990 through September 30, 1991, and, of which $198,000 for renovation of government owned or leased intra- mural research facilities shall remain available until expended. FEDERAL SUBSIDY FOR SAINT EUZABETHS HOSPITAL To carry out the Saint Elizabeths Hospital and District of Colum- bia Mental Health Services Act, $18,000,000, which shall be avail- able in fiscal year 1990 for payments to the District of Columbia as authorized by section 9(a) of the Act: Provided, That any amounts determined by the Secretary of Health and Human Services to be in excess of the amounts requested and estimated to be necessary to carry out sections 6 and 9(f)(2) of the Act shall be returned to the Treasury: Provided further. That funds appropriated for Federal activities authorized by sections 6 and 9 of the Act, shall remain available through September 30, 1991, and may be used for adminis- trative and maintenance functions in implementing the Act. ASSISTANT SECRETARY FOR HEALTH OFFICE OF THE ASSISTANT SECRETARY FOR HEALTH For the expenses necessary for the Office of Assistant Secretary for Health and for carrying out titles III, XVII, XX, and XXI of the Public Health Service Act, Public Law 100-505, and subtitle D of title II of Public Law 100-607, $77,352,000, together with not to exceed $1,037,000 to be transferred and expended as authorized by section 201(g) of the Social Security Act from the Federal Hospital Insurance and the Federal Supplementary Medical Insurance Trust Funds referred to therein, and, in addition, amounts received by the Public Health Service from Freedom of Information Act fees, reimbursable and interagency agreements and the sale of data tapes shall be credited to this appropriation and shall remain available until expended: Provided, That in addition to amounts provided