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104 STAT. 588 PUBLIC LAW 101-381—AUG. 18, 1990 Urban areas. Suburban areas. Rural areas. and that are located in areas in which such populations reside; "(B) demonstrates that the consortium has carried out an assessment of service needs within the geographic area to be served and, after consultation with the entities described in paragraph (2), has established a plan to ensure the delivery of services to meet such identified needs that shall include— "(i) assurances that service needs will be addressed through the coordination and expansion of existing programs before new programs are created; "(ii) assurances that, in metropolitan areas, the geographic area to be served by the consortium corresponds to the geographic boundaries of local health and support services delivery systems to the extent practicable; "(iii) assurances that, in the case of services for individuals residing in rural areas, the applicant consortium shall deliver case management services that link available community support services to appropriate specialized medical services; and '(iv) assurances that the assessment of service needs and the planning of the delivery of services will include participation by individuals with HIV disease; "(C) demonstrates that adequate planning has occurred to meet the special needs of families with HIV disease, including family centered care; '(D) demonstrates that the consortium has created a mechanism to evaluate periodically— "(i) the success of the consortium in responding to identified needs; and "(ii) the cost-effectiveness of the mechanisms employed by the consortium to deliver comprehensive care; and "(E) demonstrates that the consortium will report to the State the results of the evaluations described in subparagraph (D) and shall make available to the State or the Secretary, on request, such data and information on the program methodology that may be required to perform an independent evaluation. "(2) CONSULTATION.— In establishing the plan required under paragraph (I)(B), the consortium shall consult with— "(A)(i) the public health sigency that provides or supports ambulatory and outpatient HlV-related health care services within the geographic area to be served; or "(ii) in the case of a public health agency that does not directly provide such HIV-related health care services such agency shall consult with an entity or entities that directly provide ambulatory and outpatient HIV-related health care services within the geographic area to be served; and "(B) not less than one community-based organization that is organized solely for the purpose of providing HIV-related support services to individuals with HIV disease. The organization to be consulted under subparagraph (B) shall be at the discretion of the applicant consortium. "(d) DEFINITION.— As used in this part, the term 'family centered care' means the system of services described in this section that is