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PUBLIC LAW 101-392—SEPT. 25, 1990 104 STAT. 831 "(c) SPECIAL RULE.— If a regulation must be issued within a very limited time period to assist States and eligible recipients with the operation of a program under this Act, the Secretary may issue a regulation without fulfilling the requirements of subsections (a) and (b), but shall immediately convene regional meetings to review the regulation before such regulation is issued in final form. " (d) APPLICABILITY OP FEDERAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE ACT.—The Federal Advisory Committee Act shall not apply to activities carried out under this section. "(e) RESERVATION OP AMOUNTS.— For the fiscal year 1991, the Secretary may reserve for purposes of carrying out subsection (b) not more than $300,000 from amounts made available under section 3(e). "SEC. 505. REQUIREMENTS RELATING TO REPORTS, PLANS, AND REGU- 20 USC 2466b. LATIONS. "The General Accounting Office shall, upon the request of any Member of the Congress— "(1) investigate the circumstances of any failure by the Secretary to submit any report or research finding or issue any regulation required by this Act by the time specified in the provision of this Act requiring the submission of such report or research finding or issuance of such regulation; and "(2) submit to the (Dommittee on Education and Labor of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Labor and Human Resources of the Senate a report containing the results of any investigation conducted pursuant to paragraph (1), including an identification of the cause of delay and of the office or offices of the Department of Education or of the Office of Msuiagement and Budget responsible for the delay. "SEC. 506. FEDERAL LAWS GUARANTEEING CIVIL RIGHTS. 20 USC 2466c. "Nothing in this Act shall be construed to be inconsistent with appropriate Federal laws guaranteeing civil rights. "SEC. 507. STUDENT ASSISTANCE AND OTHER FEDERAL PROGRAMS. 20 USC 2466d. " (a) ATTENDANCE COSTS NOT TREATED AS INCOME OR RESOURCES.— The portion of any student financial assistance received under this Act that is made available for attendgmce costs described in subsection (b) shall not be considered as income or resources in determining eligibility for assistance under any other program funded in whole or in part with Federal funds. "(b) ATTENDANCE COSTS. —The attendance costs described in this subsection are— "(1) tuition and fees normally Eissessed a student carrying the same academic workload as determined by the institution, and including costs for rental or purchase of any equipment, materials, or supplies required of all students in the same course of study; and "(2) an allowance for books, supplies, transportation, dependent care, and miscellaneous personal expenses for a student attending the institution on at least a half-time basis, as determined by the institution. "SEC. 508. FEDERAL MONITORING. 20 USC 2466e. "The Secretary shall make every effort to provide adequate monitoring of compliance by recipients of assistance under this Act with the provisions of this Act. Such monitoring activities shall be devel- 39-194O-91-28:QL3Part]