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104 STAT. 1264 PUBLIC LAW 101-501—NOV. 3, 1990 (5) develop plans and conduct research in the field of young individuals, and the families of such individuals; (6) assist, to the maximum extent practicable, in the establishment and implementation of programs designed to meet the needs of young individuals for supportive services including— (A) health and mental health services; (B) housing and shelter assistance; (C) education and training services; (D) protective services; (E) foster care; (F) teen parenting support; (G) child care; (H) family support and preservation; (I) teen pregnancy prevention and counseling; (J) counseling on the effects of violence in the communities of such individuals and their families; (K) recreational and volunteer opportunities; and (L) comprehensive early childhood development; (7) provide technical assistance and consultation to States and the political subdivisions of such States with respect to programs for young individuals; (8) prepare, publish, and disseminate educational materials concerning the welfare of young individuals; (9) gather statistics concerning young individuals, and the families of such individuals, that other Federal agencies are not collecting; (10) to the maximum extent practicable coordinate activities carried out or assisted by all departments, agencies, and instrumentalities of the Federal Government with respect to the collection, preparation, and dissemination of information relevant to young individuals and the families of such individuals; (11) stimulate more effective uses of existing resources and available services for young individuals and the families of such individuals; (12) develop basic policies and set priorities with respect to the development and operation of programs and activities conducted under this title; (13) convene conferences of authorities and officials of organizations, including Federal, State, and local agencies, and nonprofit private organizations, of programs for children, youth and their families for the development and implementation of policies related to the priorities and purposes of this title, including topics such as the establishment of a nationwide network of comprehensive, coordinated services and opportunities for such individuals; (14) conduct periodic evaluations of the programs and activities related to the purposes of this title; and (15) develop, in coordination with other agencies, methods to ensure adequate training for personnel concerning children, youth and families and to ensure the adequate dissemination of such information to appropriate State and community agencies. (b) ENCOURAGEMENT OF VOLUNTEERISM. — In executing the duties and functions of the Administration under this subtitle and in carrying out the programs and activities authorized under this title, the Commissioner, in consultation with the Director of the ACTION Agency, shall take necessary steps to coordinate with and seek the