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104 STAT. 1388-30 PUBLIC LAW 101-508 —NOV. 5, 1990 TITLE IV—MEDICARE, MEDICAID, AND OTHER HEALTH-RELATED PROGRAMS Subtitle A—Medicare SEC. 4000. REFERENCES IN SUBTITLE; TABLE OF CONTENTS. (a) AMENDMENTS TO THE SOCIAL SECURITY ACT. —Except as otherwise specifically provided, whenever in this title an amendment is expressed in terms of an amendment to or repeal of a section or other provision, the reference shall be considered to be made to that section or other provision of the Social Security Act. (b) TABLE OF CONTENTS.— The table of contents of this subtitle is as follows: Sec. 4000. References in subtitle; table of contents. PART 1—PROVISIONS RELATING TO PART A Sec. 4001. Payments for capital-related costs of inpatient hospital services. Sec. 4002. Prospective payment hospitals. Sec. 4003. Expansion of DRG payment window. Sec. 4004. PajTnents for medical education costs. Sec. 4005. PF^-exempt hospitals. Sec. 4006. Hospice benefit extension. Sec. 4007. Freeze in payments under part A through December 31. Sec. 4008. Miscellaneous and technical provisions relating to part A. PART 2—PROVISIONS RELATING TO PART B Subpart A—Payment for Physicians' Services Sec. 4101. Certain overvalued procedures. Sec. 4102. Radiology services. Sec. 4103. Anesthesia services. Sec. 4104. Physician pathology services. Sec. 4105. Update for physicians' services. Sec. 4106. New physicians and other new health care practitioners. Sec. 4107. Assistants at surgery. Sec. 4108. Technical components of certain diagnostic tests. Sec. 4109. Interpretation of electrocardiograms. Sec. 4110. Reciprocal billing arrangements. Sec. 4111. Study of prepayment medical review screens. Sec. 4112. Practicing physicians advisory council. Sec. 4113. Study of aggregation rule for claims for similar physicians' services. Sec. 4114. Utilization screens for physician visits in rehabilitation hospitals. Sec. 4115. Study of regional variations in impact of medicare physician payment reform. Sec. 4116. Limitation on beneficiary liability. Sec. 4117. Statewide fee schedule areas for physicians' services. Sec. 4118. Technical corrections. Subpart B—Other Items and Services Sec. 4151. Payments for hospital outpatient services. Sec. 4152. Durable medical equipment. Sec. 4153. Provisions relating to orthotics and prosthetics. Sec. 4154. Clinical diagnostic laboratory tests. Sec. 4155. Coverage of nurse practitioners in rural areas. Sec. 4156. Coverage of injectable drugs for treatment of osteoporosis. Sec. 4157. Separate payment under part B for services of certain health practitioners. Sec. 4158. Reduction in payments under part B during final 2 months of 1990. Sec. 4159. Payments for medical education costs. Sec. 4160. Certified registered nurse anesthetists.