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104 STAT. 1490 PUBLIC LAW 101-510—NOV. 5, 1990 Sec. 803. Certified cost or pricing data threshold. Sec. 804. Repeal of requirements relating to commercial pricing for spare or repair parts. Sec. 805. Competitive alternative source requirement. Sec. 806. Uniform small purchase threshold for various requirements applicable to Federal Government contractors. Sec. 807. Membership on Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council. Sec. 808. Procedures applicable to multiyear procurement contracts. Sec. 809. Major defense acquisition pilot program. Sec. 810. Acquisition of commercial products. PART B—MODIFICATIONS TO EXISTING LAW Sec. 811. ClariHcation of small business concerns covered by section 1207. Sec. 812. Additional prohibition on convicted individuals. Sec. 813. Disclosure requirement relating to subcontractors. Sec. 814. Authority to use funds for administrative costs of procurement technical assistance prc^ram. Sec. 815. Post-employment rules. PART C—DEFENSE INDUSTRIAL AND TECHNOLOGY BASE Sec. 821. Annual defense critical technologies plan. Sec. 822. Critical Technologies Institute. Sec. 823. Manufacturing technology. Sec. 824. Independent research and development enhancement. Sec. 825. Annual report on activities relating to defense industrial base. Sec. 826. Defense industrial base for textile and apparel products. Sec. 827. Use of partnership intermediaries. Sec. 828. Technology transfer contract provisions. PART D—MISCELLANEOUS Sec. 831. Mentor-protege pilot program. Sec. 832. Enhancing participation of historically Black colleges and universities and minority institutions in defense research. Sec. 833. Equal employment opportunities relating to an Army contract. Sec. 834. Evaluation of contracts for professional and technical services. Sec. 835. Requirement to use domestically manufactured carbonyl iron powders. Sec. 836. Reduction or suspension of contract payments upon finding of fraud. Sec. 837. Defense contractor requirements with respect to employees who communicate with government officials. TITLE IX—DEPARTME^^^ OF DEFENSE ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT MATTERS PART A—GENERAL MANAGEMENT MATTERS Sec. 901. National military strategy reports. Sec. 902. Joint staff. Sec. 903. Army Reserve Command. Sec. 904. Security investigations. Sec. 905. Twenty percent reduction in defense acquisition workforce. Sec. 906. Reduction in personnel assigned to management headquarters activities and headquarters support activities. Sec. 907. Intelligence priorities and reorganization. Sec. 908. Additional funding for unified and specified combatant commands for fiscal year 1991. Sec. 909. Study and plan regarding mobility requirements. Sec. 910. Elimination of statutory position of Chief of Naveil Research. PART B—PROFESSIONAL MILITARY EDUCATION Sec. 911. Preparation of budget requests for operation of professional military education schools. Sec. 912. Authority of Naval War College to confer degree of master of arts in national security and strategic studies. PART C—CONTRACTING OUT Sec. 921. Continuation of authority of base commanders over contracting for commercial activities. Sec. 922. Authorization of pilot program for depot maintenance workload competition.