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PUBLIC LAW 101-510—NOV. 5, 1990 104 STAT. 1623 (2) The number of personnel referred to in paragraph (1) is the number of personnel assigned or detailed to such programs on September 30, 1990. SEC. 908. ADDITIONAL FUNDING FOR UNIFIED AND SPECIFIED COMBAT- ANT COMMANDS FOR FISCAL YEAR 1991 (a) CINC INITIATIVE FUND. —T here is established for fiscal year 1991 a separate budget account to be managed by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Chairman may use the account to provide funds, upon request, to the commanders of the unified and specified combatgint commands and the Commander, United States Element, North American Aerospace Defense Command. Such funds shall be provided, as specified by the Chairman, for any of the activities named in subsection (b). OJ) Permissible Activities.— (1) Activities for which funds may be made provided under subsection (a) are the following: (A) Force training. (B) Contingencies. (C) Selected operations. (D) Command and control. (E) Joint exercises. (F) Humanitarian and civic assistance. (G) Military education and training to military and related civilian personnel of foreign countries. (H) Personnel expenses of defense personnel for bilateral or regional cooperation programs. (2) The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in considering requests for funds under this section, should give priority consideration to requests for funds to be used for activities which would enhance the warfighting capability, readiness, and sustainability of the forces assigned to the commander requesting the funds. (c) AMOUNT AND SOURCE OF FUNDS. —(1) Of the amount authorized to be appropriated pursuant to section 301(a) for the Defense Agencies, $35,000,000 shall be made available by the Secretary of Defense for the account established in subsection (a). (2) Any amount provided by the Chairman out of the account established under subsection (a) for an activity referred to in subsection G)) shall be in addition to amounts otherwise available for that activity for fiscal year 1991. (d) LIMITATIONS. —(1) Not more than $7,000,000 of the funds provided from that account may be used to purchase items with a unit cost in excess of $15,000. (2) Funds may not be provided under this section for any activity that has been denied authorization by Congress. SEC. 909. STUDY AND PLAN REGARDING MOBILITY REQUIREMENTS (a) STUDY AND PLAN REQUIRED.—The Secretary of Defense, with the advice and assistance of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, shall conduct a study to determine mobility requirements for the Armed Forces and shall develop an integrated plan to meet those requirements. Qy) REPORTS REQUIRED.—(1) The Secretary shall submit to the congressional defense committees two reports regarding the study required by subsection (a). (2) The first report shall cover intertheater requirements, shall contain a copy of the integrated plan regarding such requirements, and shall be submitted not later than March 29, 1991.