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104 STAT. 1894 PUBLIC LAW 101-511 —NOV. 5, 1990 and upon a determination by the Secretary of Defense or the President that the purposes of such indefinite appropriation have been carried out, any remaining obligated or unobligated balance of such accounts are closed and thereafter shall not be available for obligation or expenditure for any purpose: Provided, That collections authorized to be credited to an account which were not credited to the account before it was closed shall be deposited in the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts: Provided further. That, without prior action by the Comptroller General but without relieving the Comptroller General of the duty to make decisions under any law or to settle claims and accounts, when an account is closed (including accounts covered by subsection (a) of this section) and currently applicable appropriations of the Department of Defense are not chargeable, obligations and adjustments to obligations that would have been chargeable to an account prior to closing, may be chargeable to currently applicable appropriations of the Department of Defense available for the same purpose in amounts equal to one percent of the total appropriation for the current account or the amount of the original appropriation, whichever is less: Provided further. That after the end of the period of availability of an appropriation account available for a definite period and before closing of that account under this section such account shall be available for recording, adjusting, and liquidating obligations properly chargeable to such account in amounts not to exceed the unobligated expired balances of such Government appropriation: Provided further. That with respect to a change to a contracts. contract Under which the contractor is required to perform additional work, other than adjustments to pay claims or increases under an escalation clause (hereinafter referred to as a contract change), if such a charge for such a contract change with respect to a program, project or activity would cause the total amount of such obligations to exceed $4,000,000 in any single fiscal year for a program, project, or activity, the obligation may only be made if the obligation is approved by the Secretary of Defense or, if such a change would cause the total amount of such obligations to exceed $25,000,000 in any single fiscal year for a program, project or activity, the obligation may be made only after 30 days have elapsed after the Secretary of Defense submits to the Committees on Appropriations and Armed Services of the Senate and the House of Representatives a notice of the intention to obligate such funds, together with the legal basis and the policy reasons for making such an obligation. (c) The provisions of this section shall apply to any appropriation account now or hereafter made unless the appropriation Act for that account specifically provides for an extension of the availability of such account and provides an exception to the five year period of availability for recording, adjusting and liquidating obligations properly chargeable to that account. 10 USC 2687 SEC. 8081. The Secretary of Defense shall include in any base note. closure and realignment plan submitted to Congress after the date of enactment of this Act, a complete review for the five year period beginning on October 1, 1990, which shall include expected force structure and levels for such period, expected installation requirements for such period, a budget plan for such period, the cost savings expected to be realized through realignments and closures of military installations during such period, an economics model to identify the critical local economic sectors affected by proposed