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104 STAT. 1898 PUBLIC LAW 101-511—NOV. 5, 1990 (RESCISSIONS) SEC. 8102. Of the funds provided in Department of Defense Appropriations Acts, the following funds are hereby rescinded from the following accounts in the specified amounts: Aircraft procurement, Army, 1990/1992, $15,300,000; Missile procurement. Army, 1990/1992, $171,846,000; Procurement of weapons and tracked combat vehicles, Army, 1989/1991, $25,808,000; Procurement of ammunition. Army, 1989/1991, $72,000,000; Procurement of ammunition. Army, 1990/1992, $18,000,000; Other procurement. Army, 1989/1991, $24,100,000; Other procurement. Army, 1990/1992, $11,000,000; Weapons procurement. Navy, 1990/1992, $88,205,000; Other procurement. Navy, 1989/1991, $9,400,000; Other procurement, Navy, 1990/1992, $7,500,000; Procurement, Marine Corps, 1989/1991, $7,000,000; Procurement, Marine Corps, 1990/1992, $62,300,000; Aircraft procurement. Air Force, 1989/1991, $8,400,000; Aircraft procurement. Air Force, 1990/1992, $43,900,000; Missile procurement. Air Force, 1989/1991, $53,968,000; Missile procurement. Air Force, 1990/1992, $162,613,000; Other procurement. Air Force, 1989/1991, $1,800,000; Other procurement. Air Force, 1990/1992, $15,000,000. SEC. 8103. None of the funds made available to the Department of Defense in this Act may be obligated or expended for the Ground- Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) System, until (1) the Secretary of Defense provides for the conduct of an independent study of such system on the health effects and environmental impact of the Reports. system on surrounding local jurisdictions; and (2) a report containing the results of such study, together with the Secretary's comments and recommendations concerning the report, has been submitted to the Congressional Defense Committees and a period of 15 days has elapsed after the report is received. (INCLUDING TRANSFER OF FUNDS) 50 USC 401 note. SEC. 8104. SECTION 1. This section establishes the National Commission on Defense and National Security. SEC. 2. FINDINGS. The Congress makes the following findings: (1) Recent revolutionary world events require a fundamental reassessment of the defense and national security policies of the United States. (2) Emerging democracies around the world will require political, technical, and economic assistance, as well as military assistance, from the developed free nations in order to thrive and to become productive members of the world community. (3) Real and potential military threats to the United States and its allies will continue to exist for the foreseeable future from not just the Soviet Union but also from terrorism and from Third World nations. (4) Proliferation of both sophisticated conventional weapons and of nuclear weapons could produce a world more dangerous than we have faced in the past.