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PUBLIC LAW 101-512—NOV. 5, 1990 104 STAT. 1937 SEC. 115. The provision of section 114 shall not apply if the 16 USC I8f-i. transfer of management or control is ratified by law. SEC. 116. In fiscal year 1991 and thereafter, the Secretary may exercise the authorities granted in the Act of July 1, 1955 (16 U.S.C. 18f) in administration of the Department of the Interior Museum, and may dispose of objects no longer needed for the Museum or held in duplicate among museum properties and apply the proceeds to the purchase of museum objects, museum collections, and other personal properties at reasonable prices. SEC. 117. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, any appropriations or funds available to the Department of the Interior in this Act may be used to provide nonmonetary awards of nominal value to private individuals and organizations that make contributions to Department of the Interior programs. SEC. 118. Appropriations under this title may be made available for paying costs incidental to the utilization of services contributed by individuals who serve without compensation as volunteers in aid of work for units of the Department of the Interior. SEC. 119. None of the funds available to the Bureau of Indian Indians. Affairs in this or any other Act shall be used to evict, or demolish Washington. the homes or structures of those members of the Yakima Indian Housing. Tribe presently residing at Federal in lieu fishing sites located at Cooks Landing and Underwood in the State of Washington within the area ceded to the United States of America under the Treaty with the Yakima, 1855, 12 Stat. 698 (1859), until a final decision is issued by the court of jurisdiction in the case now pending. SEC. 120. STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS.—Holders of mining claims subject to the injunction issued in Northern Alaska Environmental Center v. Hodel, Civil Case J-85 -009, U.S. District Court, (District of Alaska) may file an action for inverse condemnation against the United States at least until December 31, 1999. SEC. 121. APPRAISAL PROCEDURE.— (a) Holders of unpatented mining claims subject to the injunction issued in Northern Alaska Environmental Center v. Hodel, Civil Case J-85-009, U.S. District Court, (District of Alaska) may apply to the Department of the Interior for a validity determination. The validity determination shall be conducted jointly by the National Park Service and the Bureau of Land Management within two years of application, subject to the availability of appropriated funds. Upon completion of Reports. the validity determination, copies of the final written report, reviewed and approved by the Bureau of Land Management, shall be provided to the claimant. (b) Upon receipt by the National Park Service of (1) a finding of validity pursuant to subsection (a), or evidence of a valid patent, and (2) an offer of sale of said mining claims, the National Park Service shall commence the appraisal process pursuant to subsection (c). (c) Upon fulfillment of the requirements of subsection (b), a panel of three persons shall be selected pursuant to the procedures of the American Arbitration Association. The panel shall consist of an attorney familiar with mining law, a registered professional mining engineer/geologist familiar with mineral appraisal and methods of production for the type of claim in question, and in the case of patented mining claims an appraiser qualified to perform surface estate appraisals. The appraisal shall be completed within one year of the date the panel is selected. Nothing in this subsection shall require the conduct of a new appraisal for lands or claims for which a valid current government appraisal already exists. Mine rs. Claims. Mine rs. Claims.