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104 STAT. 4326 PUBLIC LAW 101-625—NOV. 28, 1990 amount of assistance payments available under this paragraph are inadequate to provide for reasonable project costs. In the case of an intermediate care facility which is the residence of persons assisted under title XIX of the Social Security Act, project income under this paragraph shall include the same amount as if such person were being assisted under title XVI of the Social Security Act. (3) RENT CONTRIBUTION. —A very low-income person shall pay as rent for a dwelling unit assisted under this section the higher of the following amounts, rounded to the nearest dollar: (A) 30 percent of the person's adjusted monthly income, (B) 10 percent of the person's monthly income, or (C) if the person is receiving payments for welfare assistance from a public agency and a part of such payments, adjusted in accordance with the person's actual housing costs, is specifically designated by such agency to meet the person's housing costs, the portion of such payments which is so designated; except that the gross income of a person occupying an intermediate care facility assisted under title XIX of the Social Security Act shall be the same amount as if the person were being assisted under title XVI of the Social Security Act. (e) TERM OF COMMITMENT. — (1) USE LIMITATIONS. —A l l units in housing assisted under this section shall be made available for occupancy by very lowincome persons with disabilities for not less than 40 years. (2) CONTRACT TERMS.— The initial term of a contract entered into under subsection (d)(2) shall be 240 months. The Secretary shall, to the extent approved in appropriation Acts, extend any expiring contract for a term of not less than 60 months. In order to facilitate the orderly extension of expiring contracts, the Secretary is authorized to make commitments to extend expiring contracts during the year prior to the date of expiration, (f) APPLICATIONS.— Funds made available under this section shall be allocated by the Secretary among approvable applications submitted by private nonprofit organizations. Applications for assistance under this section shall be submitted in such form and in accordance with such procedures as the Secretary shall establish. Such applications shall contain— (1) a description of the proposed housing; (2) a description of the assistance the applicant seeks under this section; (3) a supportive service plan that contains— (A) a description of the needs of persons with disabilities that the housing is expected to serve; (B) assurances that persons with disabilities occupying such housing will receive supportive services based on their individual needs; (C) evidence of the applicant's (or a designated service provider's) experience in providing such supportive services; (D) a description of the manner in which such services will be provided to such persons, including evidence of such residential supervision as the Secretary determines is necessary to facilitate the adequate provision of such services; and (E) identification of the extent of State and local funds available to assist in the provision of such services;