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104 STAT. 4356 PUBLIC LAW 101-625—NOV. 28, 1990 "TITLE IV—HOUSING ASSISTANCE "Subtitle A—General Provisions "Sec. 401. Purpose. "Sec. 402. Definitions. "Sec. 403. General authority. "Sec. 404. Allocation formula. "Sec. 405. Discretionary allocation. "Sec. 406. Responsibilities of grantees and project sponsors. "Sec. 407. Administrative provisions. "Sec. 408. Authorization of appropriations. "Sec. 409. Reports to Congress. "Subtitle B—Approved Activities "Sec. 411. Homelessness prevention. "Sec. 412. Emergency shelter. "Sec. 413. Transitional housing for the homeless. "Sec. 414. Permanent housing for homeless persons with disabilities. "Sec. 415. Trsmsition to permanent housing. "Sec. 416. Development of additional approved activities. 42 USC 11301 note. Federal Register, publication. "Subtitle C—Section 8 Single Room Occupancy "Sec. 421. Section 8 single room occupancy provisions. "Sec. 422. Applicability to Indian tribes. "Subtitle D—Shelter Plus Care Program "PART I—SHELTER PLUS CARE: GENERAL REQUIREMENTS "Sec. 431. Purpose. "Sec. 432. Rental housing assistance. "Sec. 433. Supportive services requirements; matching funding. "Sec. 434. Applications. "Sec. 435. Selection criteria. "Sec. 436. Required agreements. "Sec. 437. Termination of assistance. "Sec. 438. Definitions. ' "Sec. 439. Authorization of appropriations. "PART II—SHELTER PLUS CARE: HOMELESS RENTAL HOUSING ASSISTANCE "Sec. 441. Purpose. "Sec. 442. Housing assistance. "Sec. 443. Amount of assisttmce. "Sec. 444. Housing standards and rent reasonableness. "Sec. 445. Tenant rent. "Sec. 446. Administrative fees. "PART III—SHELTER PLUS CARE: MODERATE REHABIUTATION ASSISTANCE FOR SINGLE ROOM OCCUPANCY DWELUNGS "Sec. 451. Purpose. "Sec. 452. Fire and safety improvements. "Sec. 453. Contract requirements. "Sec. 454. Occupancy. "PART IV—SECTION 202 Rental Assistance "Sec. 461. Purpose. "Sec. 462. Amount of assistance. "Sec. 463. Housing standards and rent reasonableness. "Sec. 464. Administrative fees. "Subtitle E—Miscellaneous "Sec. 471. Environmental review.". SEC. 825. STRATEGY TO ELIMINATE UNFIT TRANSIENT FACILITIES. (a) IN GENERAL. —The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development shall, not more than 9 months after the date of enactment of