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PUBLIC LAW 101-624—NOV. 28, 1990 104 STAT. 3373 Subtitle G—Rural Revitalization Through Forestry CHAPTEB 1—FoRBSTRYRURAL REVTTALIZATIOK Sec. 2371. Forestry rural revitalization. CHAPTER 2—NATIONAL FORBBT-DEPBNDBNT RURAL Ck>MMUNrnE8 Sec. 2372. Short title. Sec. 2373. Findings and purposes. Sec. 2374. Definitions. Sec. 2375. Rural forestry and economic diversification action teams. Sec. 2376. Action plan implementation. Sec. 2377. Training and education. Sec. 2378. Loans to economically disadvantaged rural communities. Sec. 2379. Authorization of appropriations and spending authority. Subtitle H—Miscellaneous Provisions Sec. 2381. National Rural Information Center Clearinghouse. Sec. 2382. Monitoring the economic progress of rural America. Sec. 2383. Loan rates applicable to certain loans under the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act. Sec. 2384. Assistance for certain distressed community facility program borrowers. Sec. 2385. Analysis by Office of Technology Assessment. Sec. 2386. Grants to broadcasting systems. Sec. 2387. Merger of certain rural electric cooperatives. Sec. 2388. Technical corrections. Sec. 2389. Grants for financially stressed farmers, dislocated farmers, and rural families. Sec. 2390. Rural health and safety education. Sec. 2391. Rural health infrastructure improvement. Sec. 2392. Census of agriculture. Sec. 2393. Limitation on conditions for water and sewer grants and loans. Sec. 2394. Encouragement of private contracting. Sec. 2395. Preservation of eligibility. Sec. 2396. R^ulations. TITLE XXIV—GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE Sec. 2401. Short title. Sec. 2402. Global climate clumge prt^ram. Sec. 2403. Study of global climate change, agriculture, and forestry. Sec. 2404. Teclmical advisory committee. Sec. 2405. Office of International Forestry. Sec. 2406. Line item. Sec. 2407. Institutes of Tropical Forestry. Sec. 2408. The Forest and Rangeland Renewable Resources Planning Act of 1974. Sec. 2409. Urban forestry demonstration projects. Sec. 2410. Biomass energy demonstration projects. Sec. 2411. Interagency cooperation to maximize biomass growth. Sec. 2412. Authorization of appropriations. TITLE XXV—OTHER RELATED PROVISIONS Sec. 2501. Outreach and assistance for socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers. Sec. 2502. Niirrowing the defense exception to the Farmland Protection Policy Act. Sec. 2503. Protection of pets. Sec. 2504. Control and eradication of plant pests. Sec. 2505. Cooperation in animal disease control. Sec. 2506. Pseudorabies eradication. Sec. 2507. R^ulation governing inspection of imported poultry. Sec. 2508. Additional inspection services. Sec. 2509. Collection of fees for inspection services. Sec. 2510. User fees for reports, publications, and software. Sec. 2511. Tobacco Adjustment Act of 1983. Sec. 2512. Costs of production. Sec. 2513. Farm value of agricultural products. Sec. 2514. Commodity reports. Sec. 2515. Scarce Federal resources. Sec. 2516. Recordkeeping improvement. Sec. 2517. Study of the transportation of fertilizer and agricultural chemicals to farmers.