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PUBLIC LAW 101-624—NOV. 28, 1990 104 STAT. 4001 the manner in which the plan, if implemented, would increase the resources available to meet those needs; "(C) the current degree of intergovernmental cooperation in the area and the degree of such cooperation needed for the successful implementation of the plan; "(D) the ability and willingness of governments and citizens in the area to become involved in developing and implementing the plan; "(E) a description of how the governments in the area will apply budget and fiscal control processes to the plan; and "(F) the extent to which public services and facilities need to be improved to achieve the economic development and quality of life goals of the plan, taking into consideration, at a minimum— . "(i) law enforcement; "(ii) fire protection; "(iii) water and solid waste management; "(iv) education; "(v) health care; "(vi) transportation; "(vii) housing; "(viii) communications; and "(ix) the availability of, and capability to generate, electric power. "(2) DESIGNATED RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM. —The term 'designated rursil development program' means a program carried out under section 304(b), 306(a), or subsections (a) through (f) and (h) of section 310B of this Act, or under section 1323 of the Food Security Act of 1985, for which funds are available at any time during the fiscal year under such section. "(3) ELIGIBLE STATE.— "(A) REQUIREMENTS. — The term 'eligible State' means, with respect to a fiscal year, a State to which this section is made applicable under section 2310(b)(2) of the Rural Economic Development Act of 1990, and with respect to which all of the following apply not later than the first day of the fiscal year: " (i) ESTABLISHED RURAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT REVIEW PANEL. —The State has established an advisory rural economic development review panel that meets the requirements of section 366. "(ii) APPOINTED STATE COORDINATOR.— The Governor of the State has appointed an officer or employee of the State government to— "(I) manage, operate, and carry out the instructions of, the panel described in clause (i); "(II) serve as a liaison between the panel and the Federal and State agencies involved in rural development, including transmitting to the Secretary any list transmitted to the State coordinator pursuant to section 366(b)(6); "(III) ensure that all rursil residents in the State are informed about the manner in which assistance under designated rural development programs is to be provided to the State pursuant to > this section and section 366;