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PUBLIC LAW 101-625—NOV. 28, 1990 104 STAT. 4117 (C) has demonstrated the ability to provide technical assistance and training for community-based developers of affordable housing; and (D) has described the uses to which such assistance will be put and the intended beneficiaries of the assistance; or (2) with another organization, if a participating jurisdiction demonstrates that the organization is qualified to carry out eligible activities and that the jurisdiction would not be served in a timely manner by intermediaries specified under paragraph (1). Contracts under paragraph (2) shall be for activities specified in an application from the participating jurisdiction, which application shall include a certification that the activities are necessary to the effective implementation of the participating jurisdiction's housing strategy. (d) LIMITATIONS.— Contracts under this section with any one contractor for a fiscal year may not— (1) exceed 20 percent of the amount appropriated for this section for such fiscal year; or (2) provide more than 20 percent of the operating budget (which shall not include funds that are passed through to community housing development organizations) of the contracting organization for any one year. (e) SINGLE-STATE CONTRACTORS. — Not less than 40 percent of the funds made available for this section in an appropriations Act in any fiscal year shall be made available for eligible contractors that have worked primarily in one State. SEC. 234. OTHER REQUIREMENTS. (a) TENANT PARTICIPATION PLAN. — A community housing development organization that receives assistance under this subtitle shall provide a plan for and follow a program of tenant participation in management decisions and shall adhere to a fair lease and grievance procedure approved by the participating jurisdiction. (b) LIMITATION ON ASSISTANCE. —A community housing development organization may not receive assistance under this title for any fiscal year in an amount that, together with other Federal assistance, provides more than 50 percent of the organization's total operating budget in the fiscal year. (c) ADJUSTMENTS OF OTHER ASSISTANCE. —The Secretary shall take account of assistance provided to a project under this subtitle when adjusting other assistance to be provided to the project as required by section 102(d) of the Department of Housing and Urban Development Reform Act of 1989. Subtitle C—Other Support for State and Local Housing Strategies 42 USC 12774. SEC. 241. AUTHORITY. The Secretary shall, insofar as is feasible through contract with eligible organizations, develop the capacity of participating jurisdictions, State and local housing finance agencies, nonprofit organizations and for-profit corporations, working in partnership, to identify and meet needs for an increased supply of decent, affordable housing. 42 USC 12781. Government contracts. Nonprofit organizations. Business and industry.