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PUBLIC LAW 101-625—NOV. 28, 1990 104 STAT. 4319 (2) a description of the size and characteristics of the population of frail elderly persons and of their housing and supportive services needs; (3) a description of the proposed method of determining whether a person qualifies as a frail elderly person (specifying any additional eligibility requirements proposed by the agency), and of selecting frail elderly persons to participate; (4) a statement that the public housing agency will create a professional assessment committee or will work with an9ther entity which will assist the public housing agency in identifying and providing only services that each frail elderly person needs to remain living independently; (5) a description of the mechanisms for developing housing and supportive services plans for each person and for monitoring the person's progress in meeting that plan; (6) the identity of the proposed service providers and a statement of qualifications; (7) a description of the supportive services the public housing agency proposes to make available for the frail elderly persons to be served, the estimated costs of such services, a description of the resources that are expected to be made available to cover the portion of the costs required by subsection (c)(1); (8) assurances satisfactory to the Secretary that the supportive services will be provided for the demonstration period; (9) the plan for coordinating the provision of housing assistance and supportive services; (10) a description of how the public housing agency will ensure that the service providers are providing supportive services, at a reasonable cost, adequate to meet the needs of the persons to be served; (11) a plan for continuing supportive services to frail elderly persons that continue to receive housing assistance under section 8 of the United States Housing Act of 1937 after the end of the demonstration period; and (12) a statement that the application has been developed in consultation with the area agency on eiging under title III of the Older Americans Act of 1965 and that the public housing agency will periodically consult with the area agency during the demonstration. (e) SELECTION. — (1) CRITERIA.—The Secretary shall establish selection criteria for a national competition for assistance under this section, which shall include— (A) the ability of the public housing agency to develop and operate the proposed housing assistance and supportive . services program; (B) the need for a program providing both housing assistance and supportive services for frail elderly persons in the area to be served; (C) the quality of the proposed program for providing supportive services; (D) the extent to which the proposed funding for the supportive services is or will be available; (E) the extent to which the program would meet the needs of the frail elderly persons proposed to be served by the program; and -