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104 STAT. 4538 PUBLIC LAW 101-630 —NOV. 28, 1990 approved by the Secretary, shall make prompt direct payments of the gross proceeds of sales of such forest products, less any amounts segregated as forest management deductions pursuant to section 306, into a bank depository account designated by such Indian tribe. 25 USC 3108. SEC. 309. SECRETARIAL RECOGNITION OF TRIBAL LAWS. Subject to the Secretary's responsibilities as reflected in sections 302(2) and 303(1) and unless otherwise prohibited by Federal statutory law, the Secretary shall comply with tribal laws pertaining to Indian forest lands, including laws regulating the environment or historic or cultural preservation, and shall cooperate with the enforcement of such laws on Indian forest lands. Such cooperation shall include— (1) assistance in the enforcement of such laws; (2) provision of notice of such laws to persons or entities undertaking activities on Indian forest lands; and (3) upon the request of an Indian tribe, the appearance in tribal forums. 25 USC 3109. SEC. 310. INDIAN FOREST LAND ASSISTANCE ACCOUNT. (a) ESTABLISHMENT. —At the request of an Indian tribe, the Secretary may establish a special Indian forest land assistance account within the tribe's trust fund account to fund the Indian forest land management activities of such tribe. (b) DEPOSITS AND EXPENDITURES. — (1) The Secretary may deposit into the Indian forest land assistance account established pursuant to subsection (a) any funds received by the Secretary or in the Secretary's possession from— (A) non-Federal sources, if such funds are related to activities on or for the Indian forest lands of such tribe's reservation, (B) donations and contributions, (C) unobligated forestry appropriations for the benefit of such Indian tribe, and (D) user fees or other funds transferred under Federal interagency agreements if otherwise authorized by Federal law and, if such funds are related to activities on or for the Indian forest lands of such tribe's reservation. Funds deposited in such account shall be for the purpose of conducting forest land management activities on the Indian forest lands of such tribe. (2) Funds in the Indian forest land assistance account and any interest or other income earned thereon shall remain available until expended and shall not be available to otherwise offset Federal appropriations for meeting the Federal responsibility for management of Indian forest lands. (c) AUDITS.— At the request of an Indian tribe or upon the Secretary's own volition, the Secretary may conduct audits of the Indian forest land assistance account and shall publish the results of such audit. 25 USC 3110. SEC. 311. TRIBAL FORESTRY PROGRAMS. (a) ESTABLISHMENT. — The Secretary shall establish within the Bureau of Indian Affairs a program to provide financial support to forestry programs established by an Indian tribe. Regulations. (b) SUPPORT ALLOCATION FORMULA; CRITERIA.— (1) The Secretary, with the participation of Indian tribes with Indian forest lands, shall establish, and promulgate by regulations, a formula—