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PUBLIC LAW 101-630—NOV. 28, 1990 104 STAT. 4549 (B) actions which would reasonably be expected to result in abuse of a child in Indian country, the receiving agency shall immediately notify appropriate officials of the other agency of such report and shall also submit, when prepared, a copy of the written report required under subsection (c) to such agency. (2) Where a report of abuse involves an Indian child or where the alleged abuser is an Indian and where a preliminary inquiry indicates a criminal violation has occurred, the local law enforcement agency, if other than the Federal Bureau of Investigation, shall immediately report such occurrence to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. (c) WRFTTEN REPORT OF CHILD ABUSE. —(1) Within 36 hours after receiving an initial report described in subsection (b), the receiving agency shall prepare a written report which shall include, if available— (A) the name, address, age, and sex of the child that is the subject of the report; (B) the grade and the school in which the child is currently enrolled; (C) the name and address of the child's parents or other person responsible for the child's care; (D) the name and address of the alleged offender; (E) the name and address of the person who made the report to the agency; (F) a brief narrative as to the nature and extent of the child's injuries, including any previously known or suspected abuse of the child or the child's siblings and the suspected date of the abuse; and (G) any other information the agency or the person who made the report to the agency believes to be important to the investigation and disposition of the alleged abuse. (2)(A) Any local law enforcement agency or local child protective services agency that receives a report alleging abuse described in section 503(3) shall immediately initiate an investigation of such allegation and shall take immediate, appropriate steps to secure the safety and well-being of the child or children involved. (B) Upon completion of the investigation of any report of alleged abuse that is made to a local law enforcement agency or local child protective services agency, such agency shall prepare a final written report on such allegation. (d) CONFIDENTIALITY OF INFORMANT.— The identity of any person making a report described in subsection (b)(1) shall not be disclosed, without the consent of the individual, to any person other than a court of competent jurisdiction or an employee of an Indian tribe, a State or the Federal Government who needs to know the information in the performance of such employee's duties. SEC. 405. CENTRAL REGISTRY. 25 USC 3204. (a) PREPARATION OF STUDY.— The Secretary, in consultation with the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Attorney General of the United States, is hereby authorized and directed to prepare a written study on the feasibility of, and need for, the establishment of a Central Register for reports or information on the abuse of children in Indian country. (b) CONTENT OF STUDY. —The study conducted pursuant to subsection (a) shall include, but shall not be limited to— (1) the need for, and purpose of, a Central Register;