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104 STAT. 4838 PUBLIC LAW 101-647—NOV. 29, 1990 Abuse Resistance Education, that meet the requirements of paragraph (2). "(2) A local educational agency in consortium with an entity shall not be eligible for a grant under paragraph (1) unless such local educational agency in consortium with an entity will use assistance provided under such grant to provide or arrange for the provisions of services that shall include— "(A) drug abuse resistance education instruction for students grades kindergarten through 6 that is designed to teach students to recognize and resist pressures to experiment that influence such children to use controlled substances, as defined under paragraph (1), or beverage alcohol, including instruction in the following areas— "(i) drug use and misuse; "(ii) understanding the consequences of drug abuse; "(iii) resistance techniques; "(iv) assertive response styles; "(v) managing stress without taking drugs; "(vi) decisionmaking and risk taking; "(vii) media influences on drug use; "(viii) positive alternatives to drug abuse behavior; "(ix) interpersonal and communication skills; "(x) self-esteem building activities; and "(xi) resistance to peer pressure and gang pressure; "(B) provisions for parental involvement; "(C) classroom instruction by uniformed law enforcement officials; "(D) the use of positive student leaders to influence younger students not to use drugs; "(E) an emphasis on activity-oriented techniques designed to encourage student-generated responses to problem-solving situations; and "(F) the awarding of a certificate of achievement to each student who participates in a drug abuse resistance education program. "(3) Amounts received under paragraph (1) by any local educational agency or entity shall be used only to supplement, not to supplant, the amount of Federal, State, and local funds expended for the support of projects of the t3T)e described in paragraph (2). "(d) REPUCATION OF SUCCESSFUL DRUG EDUCATION PROGRAMS.— Not less than 5 percent of the funds available for each fiscal year under section 5121(a) to the chief executive officer of a State shall be used for grants to local educational agencies or consortia of local educational sigencies and private nonprofit entities to provide drug abuse education, prevention, or counseling services to students in kindergarten through grade 12. "(e) EuGiBiliTY. — A local educational agency or consortium described in subsection (a) shall not be eligible for a grant under this section unless such agency or consortium agrees— "(1) to use assistance provided under such grant to provide or arrange for the provision of programs offering drug abuse edu- -^ cation, prevention, or counseling to students of compulsory school age, including— "(A) programs to provide drug abuse counseling in the schools by trained personnel; "(B) programs that stress the use of peers to combat - student abuse of drugs and alcohol;