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104 STAT. 5034 PUBLIC LAW 101-649—NOV. 29, 1990 "(A) the Attorney General finds that the alien was not in fact eligible for such status under this section, "(B) except as provided in paragraph (4) and permitted in subsection (fK3), the alien has not remained continuously physically present in the United States from the date the alien first was granted temporary protected status under this section, or "(C) the alien fails, without good cause, to roister with the Attorney General annually, at the end of each 12- month period after the granting of such status, in a form and manner specified by the Attorney General. "(4) TREATMENT OF BRIEF, CASUAL, AND INNOCENT DEPARTURES AND CERTAIN OTHER ABSENCES.— "(A) For purposes of paragraphs dXAXi) and (3)(B), an alien shall not be considered to have failed to maintain continuous physical presence in the United States by virtue of brief, casual, and innocent absences from the United States, without regard to whether such absences were authorized by the Attorney General. "(B) For purposes of paragraph (IXAXii), an alien shall not be considered to have railed to maintain continuous residence in the United States by reason of a brief, casual, and innocent absence described in subparagraph (A) or due merely to a brief temporary trip abroad required by emergency or extenuating circumstances outside the control of the alien. " (5) CONSTRUCTION. —Nothing in this section shall be construed as authorizing an alien to apply for admission to, or to be admitted to, the United States in order to apply for temporary protected status under this section. "(6) CONFIDENTIALITY OF INFORMATION. —The Attorney General shall establish procedures to protect the confidentiality of information provided by aliens under this section. "(d) DOCUMENTATION.— "(1) INITIAL ISSUANCE. —Upon the granting of temporary protected status to an alien under this section, the Attorney General shall provide for the issuance of such temporary documentation and authorization as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of this section. "(2) PERIOD OF VALIDITY.—Subject to paragraph (3), such documentation shall be valid during the initial period of designation of the foreign state (or part thereof) involved and any extension of such period. The Attorney General may stagger the periods of validity of the documentation and authorization in order to provide for an orderly renewal of such documentetion and authorization and for an orderly transition (under paragraph (3)) upon the termination of a designation of a foreign stete (or any part of such foreign stete). (3) EFFECTIVE DATE OF TERMINATIONS. — If the Attorney General terminates the designation of a foreign stete (or part of such foreign stete) under subsection (b)(3)(B), such termination shall only apply to documentetion and authorization issued or renewed after the effective date of the publication of notice of the determination under that subsection (or, at the Attorney General's option, after such period after the effective date of the determination as the Attorney General determines to be appropriate in order to provide for an orderly transition).