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104 STAT. 5196 PROCLAMATION 6081—DEC. 5, 1989 Proclamation 6081 of December 5, 1989 National Cities Fight Back Against Drugs Week, 1989 By the President of the United States of America A Proclamation The frightening consequences of drug trafficking and iliicit drug use can be witnessed in communities throughout the United States—in troubled schools, in neighborhoods scarred by violence, and in overburdened hospitals, social service programs, and law enforcement agencies. All of us pay the tremendous economic costs of the drug problem, but it exacts a far greater toll in the number of lives lost and families destroyed. Those costs can never be reclaimed. While no part of our Nation has been able to avoid the devastating ef- fects of the traffic and use of illegal drugs, America's cities—large and small—bear the brunt of this plague. In far too many of om* Nation's cities, it is unsafe to walk the streets in certain areas; families take shelter behind bolted doors and drawn shades; and hospital staffs struggle to save the lives of infants born addicted to drugs. Fortunately, however, this terrible problem is not going unchallenged. In every area of the country, cities are fighting back. Today, concerned residents of our Nation's cities are working together to regain control of their streets, their parks, their schools, and their lives. In the finest tradition of democratic government and voluntary association, individual citizens are standing shoulder to shoulder with local authorities as they confront the merchants of death who deal drugs. They are marching in the streets, asserting their right to live without fear in secure homes and neighborhoods, and they are voting for leaders who will be tough on crime. They are also remaining vigilant against suspicious activity in their communities while encouraging young people to resist the temptation to try drugs. These determined men and women are behaving as responsible citizens in a free and just society by working closely with their local representatives and law enforcement agencies. Ultimately, it is the actions of concerned Americans that will win the war on drugs. The American people will prevail in this fight because the small percentage of persons who currently buy and sell drugs must one day recognize and accept the morally just stance of the vast majority who do not. This week, we salute those Americans in cities all across our Nation who are serving as full partners in this all-important campaign. They are helping to build a better future for our Nation—a future that is drug-free. The Congress, by Senate Joint Resolution 205, has designated the week of December 3 through December 9, 1989, as "National Cities Fight Back Against Drugs Week" and has authorized and requested the President to issue a proclamation in observance of this week. NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE BUSH, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim the week of December 3 through December 9, 1989, as National Cities Fight Back Against Drugs Week. I invite the Governors of the several States, the chief officials of local