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PUBLIC LAW 102-25—APR. 6, 1991 105 STAT. Ill (3) Then, to firms from allied nations that committed military forces to the liberation of Kuwait during the Persian Gulf conflict. (c) SENSE OF CONGRESS CONCERNING SELECTION OF SUBCONTRAC- TORS FOR KUWAIT CONTRACTS. — It is the sense of Congress that, when making recommendations to any contractor awarded a contract referred to in subsection (b) concerning the selection of firms for subcontracts under such contract, the Army Corps of Engineers shall encourage the contractor to select a firm or firms for the subcontract in accordance with the priority set out in subsection (b). (d) SENSE OF CONGRESS CONCERNING EMPLOYEES UNDER KUWAIT REBUILDING CONTRACTS. — It is the sense of Congress that any United States firm that receives a contract pertaining to the rebuilding of Kuwait— (1) should employ United States citizens to carry out the contract; and (2) should provide a preference to veterans of the Armed Forces in hiring for work on the contract. (e) SENSE OF CONGRESS CONCERNING SMALL AND MINORITY-OWNED BUSINESS PARTICIPATION IN KUWAIT REBUILDING CONTRACTS.— It is "; the sense of Congress that— (1) the President, acting through the appropriate Government agencies (including particularly the agencies that will be engaged in source selections or source recommendations as described in subsection (b)), should take steps to provide assistance to United States small and minority-owned businesses seeking to be awarded contracts as part of the rebuilding of Kuwait; (2) the Administrator of the Small Business Administration and other appropriate Federal officials should conduct a public information campaign to advise small and minority-owned business firms with respect to contracts for the rebuilding of Kuwait; and (3) United States firms that are awarded contracts pertaining to the rebuilding of Kuwait should, to the maximum extent practicable, seek to award subcontracts for such contracts to United States small and minority-owned business firms. (f) PROGRESS REPORTS. —(1) The President shall submit to Congress President, a report every four months with respect to contracting for the Reports, rebuilding of Kuwait. Each such report shall show, as of the submission of the report, the country of origin of all business firms awarded Kuwait rebuilding contracts by the Corps of Engineers and other Federal agencies and the country of origin of all business firms awarded subcontracts under such contracts and the other information specified in paragraphs (2) and (3). (2) The President shall include in each such report the same information (to the extent reasonably available) with regard to all business firms awarded Kuwait rebuilding contracts by the Government of Kuwait and all business firms that are subcontractors under those contracts. The President shall request the Government of Kuwait to provide to the United States, on an ongoing basis, information with respect to the country of origin of business firms to which it awards rebuilding contracts, the country of origin of firms awarded subcontracts under those contracts, and the information with respect to those contracts and subcontracts described in paragraph (3). (3)(A) Information in reports under paragraph (1) shall be shown by the number of firms from each such country and by the dollar