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LIST OF PUBLIC LAWS xv PUBLIC LAW DATE PAGE 102-212 To establish the Silvio O. Conte National Fish and Wild- Dec. 11, 1991 1655 life Refuge along the Connecticut River, and for other purposes. 102-213 To designate the United States courthouse located at 120 Dec. 11, 1991 1662 North Henry Street in Madison, Wisconsin, as the "Robert W. Kastenmeier United States Courthouse". 102-214 Lamprey River Study Act of 1991 Dec. 11, 1991 1663 102-215 White Clay Creek Study Act Dec. 11, 1991 1664 102-216 To lengthen from five to seven years the expiration period Dec. 11, 1991 1666 applicable to legislative authority relating to construction of commemorative works on Federal land in the District of Columbia and its environs. 102-217 Chattahoochee National Forest Protection Act of 1991 Dec. 11, 1991 1667 102-218 To amend title 38, United States Code, to provide for the Dec. 11, 1991 1671 designation of an Assistant Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs as the Chief Minority Affairs Officer of the Department. 102-219 To amend the Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corpo- Dec. 11, 1991 1673 ration Act of 1972 to authorize appropriations for implementation of the development plan for Pennsylvania Avenue between the Capitol and the White House, and for other purposes. 102-220 Greer Spring Acquisition and Protection Act of 1991 Dec. 11, 1991 1674 102-221 To improve the operational efficiency of the James Madi- Dec. 11, 1991 1676 son Memorial Fellowship Foundation, and for other purposes. 102-222 To ensure that the ceiling established with respect to Dec. 11, 1991 1677 health education assistance loans does not prohibit the provision of Federal loan insurance to new and previous borrowers under such loan program, and for other purposes. 102-223 To authorize the President to appoint Major General Dec. 11, 1991 1678 Jerry Ralph Curry to the Office of Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration. 102-224 To recognize contributions Federal civilian employees pro- Dec. 11, 1991 1680 vided during the attack on Pearl Harbor and during World War II. 102-225 To expand the boundaries of Stones River National Bat- Dec. 11, 1991 1682 tlefield, Tennessee, and for other purposes. 102-226 To designate an area as the "Myrtle Foester Whitmire Di- Dec. 11, 1991 1685 vision of the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge". 102-227 Tax Extension Act of 1991 Dec. 11, 1991 1686 102-228 Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty Implementation Dec. 12, 1991 1691 Act of 1991. 102-229 Dire EmeiTgency Supplemental Appropriations and Trans- Dec. 12, 1991 1701 fers for Relief From the Effects of Natural Disasters, for Other Urgent Needs, and for Incremental Cost of "Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm" Act of 1992. 102-230 To amend the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Dec. 12, 1991 1720 Housing Act to reserve assistance under the HOME Investment Partnerships Act for certain insular areas. 102-231 San Carlos Indian Irrigation Project Divestiture Act of Dec. 12, 1991 1722 1991. 102-232 Miscellaneous and Technical Immigration and Naturaliza- Dec. 12, 1991 1733 tion Amendments of 1991. 102-233 Resolution Trust Corporation Refinancing, Restructuring, Dec. 12, 1991 1761 and Improvement Act of 1991. 102-234 Medicaid Voluntary Contribution and Provider-Specific Dec. 12, 1991 1793 Tax Amendments of 1991. 102-235 Nontraditional Employment for Women Act Dec. 12, 1991 1806