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105 STAT. 222 PUBLIC LAW 102-40—MAY 7, 1991 "SUBCHAPTER IV—PAY FOR NURSES AND OTHER HEALTH-CARE PERSONNEL "7451. Nurses and other health-care personnel: competitive pay. "7452. Nurses and other health-care personnel: administration of pay. " 7453. Nurses: additional pay. "7454. Physician assistants and other health care professionals: additional pay. "7455. Increases in rates of basic pay. "7456. Nurses: special rules for weekend duty. "7457. On-call pay. "7458. Recruitment and retention bonus pay."; and (D) by adding at the end the following: SUBCHAPTER VI—REGIONAL MEDICAL EDUCATION CENTERS "7471. Designation of Regional Medical Education Centers. "7472. Supervision and staffing of Centers. "7473. Personnel eligible for training. "7474. Consultation.". (2) Such chapter is further amended by inserting before subchapter II (as added by section 202) the following: "SUBCHAPTER I—APPOINTMENTS "§ 7401. Appointments in Veterans Health Administration "There may be appointed by the Secretary such personnel as the Secretary may find necessary for the medical care of veterans (in addition to those in the Office of the Chief Medical Director appointed under section 7306 of this title), as follows: "(1) Physicians, dentists, podiatrists, optometrists, registered nurses, physician assistants, and expanded-function dental auxiliaries. "(2) Psychologists (other than those described in paragraph (3)), dietitians, and other scientific and professional personnel, such as microbiologists, chemists, biostatisticians, and medical and dental technologists. "(3) Clinical or counseling psychologists who hold diplomas as diplomates in psychology from an accrediting authority approved by the Secretary, certified or registered respiratory therapists, licensed physical therapists, licensed practical or vocational nurses, pharmacists, and occupational therapists. "§ 7402. Qualincations of appointees "(a) To be eligible for appointment to the positions in the Administration covered by subsection (b), a person must have the applicable qualifications set forth in that subsection. "(b)(1) PHYSICIAN. —To be eligible to be appointed to a physician position, a person must— "(A) hold the degree of doctor of medicine or of doctor of osteopathy from a college or university approved by the Secretary, "(B) have completed an internship satisfactory to the Secretary, and "(C) be licensed to practice medicine, surgery, or osteopathy in a State. "(2) DENTIST. —To be eligible to be appointed to a dentist position, a person must—