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105 STAT. 384 PUBLIC LAW 102-83 —AUG. 6, 1991 "§ 315. Regional offices "(a) The Secretary may establish such regional offices and such other field offices within the United States, its Territories, Commonwealths, and possessions, as the Secretary considers necessary, "(b) The Secretary may maintain a regional office in the Republic of the Philippines until September 30, 1991. "§ 316. Colocation of regional offices and medical centers "(a) To provide for a more economical, efficient, and effective operation of such regional offices, the Secretary shall provide for the colocation of at least three regional offices with medical centers of the Department— "(1) on real property under the jurisdiction of the Department of Veterans Affairs at such medical centers; or "(2) on real property that is adjacent to such a medical center and is under the jurisdiction of the Department as a result of being conveyed to the United States for the purpose of such colocation. "(b)(1) In carrying out this section and notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Secretary may lease, with or without compensation and for a period of not to exceed 35 years, to another party at not more than seven locations any of the real property described in paragraph (1) or (2) of subsection (a). "(2) Such real property shall be used as the site of a facility— "(A) constructed and owned by the lessee of such real property; and "(B) leased under subsection (c)(1) to the Department for such use and such other activities as the Secretary determines are appropriate. "(c)(1) The Secretary may enter into a lease for the use of any facility described in subsection (b)(2) for not more than 35 years under such terms and conditions as may be in the best interests of the Department. "(2) Each agreement for such a lease shall provide— "(A) that the obligation of the United States to make pay- ments under the agreement is subject to the availability of appropriations for that purpose; and "(B) that the ownership of the facility shall vest in the United States at the end of such lease. "(d)(1) The Secretary may sublease any space in such a facility to another party at a rate not less than— "(A) the rental rate paid by the Secretary for such space under subsection (c); plus "(B) the amount the Secretary pays for the costs of administering such facility (including operation, maintenance, utility, and rehabilitation costs) which are attributable to such space. "(2) In any such sublease, the Secretary shall include such terms relating to default and nonperformance as the Secretary considers appropriate to protect the interests of the United States. "(e) The Secretary shall use the receipts of any payment for the lease of real property under subsection (b) for the payment of the lease of a facility under subsection (c). "(f)(1) Subject to paragraph (3)(A), the Secretary shall, not later than April 18, 1990, issue an invitation for offers with respect to three colocations to be carried out under this section. The invitation