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105 STAT. 1090 PUBLIC LAW 102-166—NOV. 21, 1991 (1) the disbursement of salaries of employees who are paid at an annual rate; (2) the payment of expenses for telecommunications services provided by the Telecommunications Department, Sergeant at Arms, United States Senate; (3) the payment of expenses for stationery supplies purchased through the Keeper of the Stationery, United States Senate; (4) the payment of expenses for postage to the Postmaster, United States Senate; and (5) the payment of metered charges on copying equipment provided by the Sergeant at Arms, United States Senate. The Secretary of the Senate is authorized to advance such sums as may be necessary to defray the expenses incurred in carrying out this title. Expenses of the Office shall include authorized travel for personnel of the Office. (e) RULES OF THE OFFICE.— The Director shall adopt rules governing the procedures of the Office, including the procedures of hearing boards, which rules shall be submitted to the President pro tempore for publication in the Congressional Record. The rules may be amended in the same manner. The Director may consult with the Chairman of the Administrative Conference of the United States on the adoption of rules. (f) REPRESENTATION BY THE SENATE LEGAL COUNSEL.— For the purpose of representation by the Senate Legal Counsel, the Office shall be deemed a committee, within the meaning of title VII of the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 (2 U.S.C. 288, et seq.). 2 USC 1204. SEC. 304. SENATE PROCEDURE FOR CONSIDERATION OF ALLEGED VIO- LATIONS. The Senate procedure for consideration of alleged violations consists of 4 steps as follows: (1) Step I, counseling, as set forth in section 305. (2) Step II, mediation, as set forth in section 306. (3) Step III, formal complaint and hearing by a hearing board, as set forth in section 307. (4) Step IV, review of a hearing board decision, as set forth in section 308 or 309. 2 USC 1205. SEC. 305. STEP I: COUNSELING. (a) IN GENERAL.— A Senate employee alleging a violation may request counseling by the Office. The Office shall provide the employee with all relevant information with respect to the rights of the employee. A request for counseling shall be made not later than 180 days after the alleged violation forming the basis of the request for counseling occurred. No request for counseling may be made until 10 days after the first Director begins service pursuant to section 303(b)(4). (h) PERIOD OF COUNSELING.—The period for counseling shall be 30 days unless the employee and the Office sigree to reduce the period. The period shall begin on the date the request for counseling is received. (c) EMPLOYEES OF THE ARCHITECT OF THE CAPITOL AND CAPITOL POLICE.—In the case of an employee of the Architect of the Capitol or an employee who is a member of the Capitol Police, the Director may refer the employee to the Architect of the Capitol or the Capitol Police Board for resolution of the employee's complaint through the internal grievance procedures of the Architect of the Capitol or the