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105 STAT. 1178 PUBLIC LAW 102-172—NOV. 26, 1991 California. Hawaii. 10 USC 1073 note. Contracts. Reserve crews used in training exercises conducted in accordance with law and policies governing Naval Reserve forces. SEC. 8032. None of the funds in this Act may be used to execute a contract for the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services (CHAMPUS) Reform Initiative that exceeds the total fiscal year 1987 costs for CHAMPUS care provided in California and Hawaii, plus normal and reasonable adjustments for price and program growth: Provided, That notwithstanding any other provision of law, the CHAMPUS Reform Initiative contract for California and Hawaii shall be extended until February 1, 1994, within the limits and rates specified in the contract: Provided further, That the Department shall competitively award contracts for the geographic expansion of the CHAMPUS Reform Initiative in Florida (which may include Department of Veterans Affairs medical facilities with the concurrence of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs), Washington, Oregon, and the Tidewater region of Virginia: Provided further. That competitive expansion of the CHAMPUS Reform Initiative may occur in any other regions that the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs deems appropriate. SEC. 8033. Funds appropriated or made available in this Act shall be obligated and expended to continue to fully utilize the facilities at the United States Army Engineer's Waterways Experiment Station, including the continued availability of the supercomputer capability: Provided, That none of the funds in this Act may be used to purchase any supercomputer which is not manufactured in the United States, unless the Secretary of Defense certifies to the Armed Services and Appropriations Committees of Congress that such an acquisition must be made in order to acquire capability for national security purposes that is not available from United States manufacturers. SEC. 8034. None of the funds provided in this Act shall be available for use by a Military Department to modify an aircraft, weapon, ship or other item of equipment, that the Military Department concerned plans to retire or otherwise dispose of within five years after completion of the modification: Provided, That this prohibition shall not apply to safety modifications: Provided further. That this prohibition may be waived by the Secretary of a Military Department if the Secretary determines it is in the best national security interest of the country to provide such waiver and so notifies the congressional defense committees in writing. SEC. 8035. For the purposes of the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985 (Public Law 99-177) as amended by the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Reaffirmation Act of 1987 (Public Law 100-119) and by the Budget Enforcement Act of 1990 (Public Law 101-508), the term program, project, and activity for appropriations contained in this Act shall be defined as the most specific level of budget items identified in the Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 1992, the accompanying House and Senate Committee reports, the conference report and accompanying joint explanatory statement of the managers of the Committee of Conference, the related classified annexes, and the P-1 and R-1 budget justification documents as subsequently modified by Congressional action: Provided, That the following exception to the above definition shall apply: For the Military Personnel and the Operation and Maintenance accounts, the term "program, project, and activity" is defined as the appropriations accounts contained in the Department of Defense