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105 STAT. 1508 PUBLIC LAW 102-190—DEC. 5, 1991 10 USC 101 note. (1) transfer by the Secretary of Defense to fiscal year 1992 appropriations accounts of the Department of Defense for incremental costs associated with Operation Desert Storm; and (2) replenishment of the Persian Gulf Regional Defense Fund by transfer from the Defense Cooperation Account. (c) RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER AUTHORIZATIONS. — The authorizations of appropriations in this section are in addition to the amounts otherwise authorized to be appropriated by any other provision of this Act or by any other Act enacted before the date of the enactment of this Act. (d) MONTHLY REPORTS ON TRANSFERS.—Not later than seven days after the end of each month in fiscal year 1992, the Secretary of Defense shall submit to the congressional defense committees and the Comptroller General of the United States a detailed report on the cumulative total amount of the transfers made under the authority of this title through the end of that month. SEC. 1203. DEFINITIONS. (a) INCLUSION OF OPERATION PROVIDE COMFORT.— Section 3(1) of Public Law 102-25 (105 Stat. 77) is amended by striking out "Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm" and inserting in lieu thereof "Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm, and Operation Provide Comfort". (b) INCREMENTAL COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH OPERATION DESERT STORM.— In this title, the term "incremental costs associated with Operation Desert Storm" has the meaning given such term in section 3(2) of Public Law 102-25 (105 Stat. 77). Military Construction Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1992. DIVISION B—MILITARY CONSTRUCTION AUTHORIZATIONS SEC. 2001. SHORT TITLE. This division may be cited as the Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1992". 'Military Construction TITLE XXI—ARMY SEC. 2101. AUTHORIZED ARMY CONSTRUCTION AND LAND ACQUISITION PROJECTS. (a) INSIDE THE UNITED STATES.— Using amounts appropriated pursuant to the authorization of appropriations in section 2105(a)(1), the Secretary of the Army may acquire real property and carry out military construction projects in the amounts shown for the following installations and locations inside the United States: ALABAMA Anniston Army Depot, $105,800,000. Fort Rucker, $17,700,000. Redstone Arsenal, $74,700,000. ALASKA Fort Greely, $7,600,000. Fort Richardson, $7,000,000. Fort Wainwright, $7,950,000.