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PUBLIC LAW 102-231—DEC. 12, 1991 105 STAT. 1731 acquire or construct such facilities as may be necessary and appropriate to provide for the efficient maintenance, operation, and administration of the SCIP Irrigation Division. SEC. 10. EFFECTIVE DATE. Contracts. (a) IN GENERAL.—Transfer of SCIP facilities and assets to GRIC, SCAT, and SCIDD under section 4 and allocation of funds under section 5 shall not take effect until such time as the Secretary issues a statement of findings that— (1) the Arizona Corporation Commission has approved, pursuant to Arizona law, the allocation of electric service areas and systems as set forth in the Statements of Principles; (2) the Secretary has entered into an agreement with GRIC, SCAT, and SCIDD providing for the division of assets as provided in section 4(e); (3) the Secretary has entered into an agreement with GRIC and SCIDD providing for a long-term power supply to SCIP pumps as provided in section 7(f); (4) all agreements necessary for the reallocation of preference power as required by section 7 have been executed and the Bureau of Indian Affairs has assigned its contract with the Arizona Power Authority to GRIC, SCAT and SCIDD in accordance with the terms of such contract and the proportions prescribed in section 7; (5) the Arizona Public Service Company has terminated its existing wholesale power agreement with SCIP and released SCIP from paying any termination charges under such agreement; and (6) SCIDD has entered into the agreement with the Secretary as required in section 5(d). (b) REVERSION IF REQUIREMENTS NOT MET. — Unless all of the conditions and requirements set forth in subsection (a) have been met by December 31, 1992, all contracts entered into pursuant to this Act shall be null and void, the United States shall retain ownership and control of the SCIP electric system and all associated funds and assets as it did before the date of the enactment of this Act, and any preference power reallocation made pursuant to section 7 of this Act shall revert back to the SCIP under the same terms