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PUBLIC LAW 102-240—DEC. 18, 1991 105 STAT. 2027 procedures relating to the apportionment to which they are transferred. SEC. 1101-1102. STUDY ON IMPACT OF CLIMATIC CONDITIONS. (a) STUDY.—The Secretary shall conduct a study of the effects of climatic conditions on the costs of highway construction and maintenance. The study shall take into account such climatic conditions as freezing, thawing, and precipitation and the impact of climatic conditions on increased highway design costs and decreased highway service life in the various regions of the United States. (b) REPORT.— Not later than September 30, 1993, the Secretary shall transmit to Congress a report on the results of the study conducted under this section, together with such recommendations as the Secretary considers appropriate. The report shall include a description of the implications of the differing costs on the allocation of highway funds to the States. SEC. 1103. HIGH COST BRIDGE PROJECTS. (a) PURPOSE.— The purpose of this section is to provide funds to accelerate construction of high cost bridge projects. (b) AUTHORIZATION OF PROJECTS. —The Secretary is authorized to carry out the high cost of bridge projects described in this subsection. Subject to subsection (c), there is authorized to be appropriated out of the Highway Trust Fund (other than the Mass Transit Account) for fiscal years 1992 through 1997 to carry out each such project the amount listed for each such project: 23 USC 104 note. CITY/STATE HIGH COST BRIDGES AMOUNT in millions 1. Delaware, Oklahoma 2. Eugene, Oregon 3. Beaver County, Pennsylva nia , 4. Arkansas , 5. Gloucester Point, Virginia 6. San Frsmcisco, California... 7. Cape May & Atlantic Counties, New Jersey 8. Ohio. 9. Maine 10. Shakopee, Minnesota. Construction of a replacement bridge on U.S. Rt. 59 over Grand Lake in Delaware, Oklahoma Construction of the Ferry Street Bridge Construction of Aliquippa Ambridge Bridge of Beaver County, Pennsylvsuiia For an expanded study of environmental impact and geo technical information for Arkansas-Mississippi Great River Bridge Provide for additional crossing capacity of the York River For preliminary work associated with the seismic upgrading of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California Replace critically important bridge between Ocean City and Longport, New Jersey Conduct environmental and feasibility studies for the construction of a bridge or tunnel across the Maumee River in the vicinity of an existing left span bridge. Donald B. Carter Memorial Bridge. Bloomington Ferry Bridge replacement, Shakopee, Minnesota 9.7 23.7 25.0 0.8 11.8 5.9 18.4 1.0 32.1 22.0